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  1. Current standings

  2. Current standings

    I'd have to put my money on the Canucks too and not just because of the Blues road record but also that, given the travel distances involved, I think the Canucks really do want all the home ice advantage they can get in the playoffs.
  3. Current standings

    Canucks should knock off the Blues tonight, which should put a knick into the Central standings..
  4. Presidents Trophy

    Home ice should also translate into quite a bit more rest from travel, which isn't nothing but significant if home ice is Vancouver or San Jose..
  5. Presidents Trophy

    I think one also has to consider that by the time a team makes it all the way to final, any small advantage becomes psychologically huge.. but that can go either way depending on how your run has gone. Obviously didn't do the Canucks any good last year but I cant believe very many teams wouldn't absolutely want Home Ice if they actually make it to the final?
  6. Presidents Trophy

    I'm curious for opinions on how much value should be placed on chasing the presidents trophy for the top three/four teams? Both from a personal perspective (point of pride, bragging rights etc..) and from a team perspective for real advantage right down to the SCF? Obviously home ice advantage is nothing to sneeze at but you can have that for most of yer series just by finishing high in your conference but, if yer team is in the running for the Presidents Trophy and they have only five games left in the regular season, do you want/expect them to push hard for it or rest up instead for the start of the playoffs?
  7. 2012 NHL Trade Deadline Thread - February 27th, 3:00 PM ET

    I cant really find anything rational about Hodgson for Kassian either but then, Gillis has a pretty good rep so far on trades. I seriously expect Hodgson to be an elite player one day, but Kassian?
  8. Columbus GM Reveals Nash Demanded Trade

    Thats fine, in that case he could have revealed Nash's desire only IF he swung a deal, the fact that he couldn't and Nash will be a CBJ for the rest of the season betrays what tool Howson is.
  9. What goes around...

    Sorry, I wanted to find a shorter video of just the end but couldn't. As for posting on an "opposing fan forum", I dont participate on any other fan forum but this one... go figure On another note, Canucks just traded away Cody Hodgson to Buffalo for... oh good god... Zack Kassian
  10. What goes around...

    For those still lamenting the icing call officials gave Vancouver when they snapped Detroits home record a few nights back, check out what happened to the Canucks tonight against the Stars... This win would have put the Canucks 4 points up on Detroit in the standings so enjoy... what goes around comes around!
  11. Top 15 Nicest Players

    Iginla absolutely has to be in that list or it's a lawsuit..! Seriously, WTG Dats... well deserved title even if some would rather wear the badge on the inside.
  12. Just Say 'No' to Mikael Samuelsson

    I'd be blown away if Detroit brought Sammy back. I respect him as a player and he does have a few years left in him but the fit just seems wrong right now.
  13. 2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    I was already committed to eating poop for the next three days with 4 min left in the third, suppose I'll still have to but at least with a satisfied smile on my face...! Awesome game, awesome effort by both teams. Could have gone either way.
  14. 2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    Burrows.. The Stick Buster :clap:
  15. 2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    I wouldn't worry, Canucks are not a great shootout team at all...