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  1. TEAM DEL ZOTTO Connor McDavid, F Matt O'Connor, G Dylan Strome, F Josh Ho-Sang, F Lawson Crouse, F David Friedman, F Mike Cammalleri, F Scottie Upshall, F Mike Liambas, F TEAM SIMMONDS Devante Smith-Pelly, F Jordan Subban, D Joel Ward, F Tom McCollum, G Andrew Agozzino, F Michael Latta, F Givani Smith, F Mark Cooper, F Austin McKay, F TEAM NURSE Taylor Hall, F Max Domi, F Tom Wilson, F Spencer Martin, G Joseph Blandisi, F Zac Rinaldo, F Christian Thomas, F Luke Gazdic, F Raffi Torres, F TEAM SEGUIN Malcolm Subban, G Aaron Ekblad, D Brett Connolly, F Gregory Campbell, F Mitchell Stephens, F Michael Dal Colle, F Tyler Randell, F Nick Paul, F Paul Bissonnette, F
  2. A friend of mine who is on a family vacation is going to the game (Sixer) has similar worries but found this Don't know if this helps.
  3. GDT

    For luck here is my new born daughter Evan
  4. 4 Games
  5. My wife and I named our first daughter Abby. Not after player, we just liked the name. After he signed I wanted to get her a number 8 jersey. I finally got around to it. She loves it!!
  6. Looks like he has some fans with the guys that code the nhl app
  7. One thing that might make a difference in voting is Panarin is 5 years older then Larkin and played in other professional leagues. I checked he is under the 26 year old age limit to qualify.
  8. Brian McGrattan Knocked out in hockey fight I would post the video but it might be hard to watch for some. Is it worth it?
  9. I think it was before he bought it. Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Tapatalk
  10. I would try talking to one of the ushers at the game. Make sure they are not busy at the time. I remember my first game she told me all about what the players habits are post game. most when to a bar (cant remember the name) but I am sure its the one that Chelios bought.
  11. GDT

    Break out the lightsabres
  12. GDT

    Crazy right? my tickets were $120 under Ticketmaster price. My TL at work said you can usually get a better deal off Kijiji. Stubhub charges 20%.
  13. GDT

    I yeah for standing room, we upgraded to seats... but there is a lot of cheap tickets on stubhub.... well for Toronto... I think there poor success finally keeping people away. or at least demand.
  14. GDT

    Fellow LGW member and I just decided to go to the Big Smoke to watch the game. 11:11am Text message "To bad we cant go to the game" "No Doupt" "tickets as low as $59 on stubhub, Lets GO!!!!!!" "Give me a couple minutes to arrange" - Convince co-worker to cover me - Get boss to approve time off this afternoon, Check - Arrange for some one to watch the kids.Check - Approval from the wife.Check - Confirm the kids arrangement.Check - contact Friend with the go ahead. Check - 11:46am Purchased tickets. Check TO DO - Go home and get Lidstrom jersey. - Pick kids up from school and drop of at mother inlaws. - Head to the ACC!!! LETS GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!
  15. At least who ever loses out can join the Fox Sports Detroit team as a commentator. Seriously when am I going to see Hasek between periods, that would be epic.