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  1. Lord Stanely

    Holland comments on Suter & Parise going to Wild

    Pretty sure Michigan has TONS of farmland- just saying.
  2. Lord Stanely

    Ryan Suter agrees to 13-year, $98-mil deal with Wild

    Holland absolutely should have been working to upgrade the team over the past few years- with who: I don't know - would have to go back and see who was available via free agency and will never know who was available via trade or what draft picks were available. Fischer health issues- who replaced him? Rafalski retires- White replaced him???? WHY NOT WILLIE MITCHELL!?!?!?! Stewi leaves- who was here two years ago to replace him??? Knowing it would happen. No early replacement for Lids- that should have started happening 2 plus years ago. As far as people griping about Suter/Parise going to Minni over Detroit here is my take. I was born in Warren- grew up near Adrian MI. Moved to Chicago (NW Indiana) lived there for 18 years and now live 3hours from Minni in Iowa. I worked for a company based out of MInni and have been there many times. Visit family in Detroit area often. Minni is an AWESOME town. More entertainment per capita than anywhere in the world. Great food. Beautiful scenic. Not bombed out like Beruit, err I mean Detroit (let's be serious about that for once- Detroit proper is a hell hole- even though we all LOVE it). They both have family there. I would move to Michigan if my father was still alive if I had an opportunity work wise. But without family I would decide on MInni. I would as a player wonder if Detroit wasn't slipping- I think they have lost mystique around the league with players and now Lids is gone so yeah I would wonder "do they have a chance going forward with no Lids, older players, no picks, no young talent, etc". If or one can't blame them. I think the ownerships seriousness, tradition, current players and fan base would be a boost for Detroit but I think we have some holes that could detract from this. My 2 cents. Oh and I still think getting rid of Commodore 64 was a mistake- when I watched him actually get into the lineup he looked like the only guy that would play DEFENSE. Talking stay at home nasty D- not comparing him with Lids, Kroner- just thought he was never really utilized properly and hmmm wouldn't it be useful to have somebody like him right now this season with our holes?
  3. Lord Stanely

    Forums Upgraded

    Was just coming on to ask about that as I relied heavily on the stories to know what was going on as an out of state Wings fan. Would LOVE to have that back!!!! PLEASE!!! Love the red theme. Franzen needs to go bye-bye (perhaps osgood in the background)
  4. Lord Stanely

    Anyone ever been to Avs games

    Mentioned before about wearing Wings gear to a whitesux game in Chicago (lived and worked there for 20 years) while Wings and Blackhawks were palying in Divisional series a few years ago- fans were NASTY- My kids were about 6-7 (Now my kids are 11-12) and they were being "Fed" at all game. Same thing at every Wings/Hawks game I ever went to. Went to Minnesota game this past year (sat right behind wings bench the night Cleary got his ankle broken) and fans there were awesome to us. Very good hockey fans -an enjoyable time. I think I will just plan on box officing the tix.
  5. Lord Stanely

    Anyone ever been to Avs games

    Will be taking my sons to a game in Denver (March 20th) against the Flames and curious if anyone has ever been there before. Planning on rocking out our Wings Jersyes just because! Looking for info on best place for tix (legal to buy near arena, etc). Good places to sit, eat (not bars). Will be staying in a condo a few blocks away on 15th. Thanks in advance for any tips you can give.
  6. Hoping somebody will KNOW the answer to this situation/question. Overtime. Shot on goal. Goalie makes save- puck is lost by ref. Whistle blows. short time (2-3 seconds)after whistle goalie moves forward to reset and puck is behind him across goal line. Goal? no Goal? Where is this rule located in youth hockey? What is the rule in the NHL. I ALWAYS thought whistle blows- NO GOAL period. one coach says no goal the other says goal- because it was under goalie behind line after whistle (ref lost sight of puck) and once puck is now seen it is across line so GOAL! Thoughts- more importantly- proof. Still reminds me of the silly rule called against Detroit a while back in the playoffs- I think against Dats- No GOAL! The ref INTENDED To blow the whistle!
  7. Lord Stanely

    top NCAA free agent to the wings?

    Older Posts: You and Dean Chelios are now friends!
  8. Lord Stanely

    Wayne Gretzky's Trick Shots

    How did he do that! OMG! that boy has skills that pay the bills!
  9. Lord Stanely

    Yet another lawsuit filed against Bert

    Well played, sir... well played.
  10. Lord Stanely

    9/19 NHL Pre-Season GDT

    Especially when it says it is something else on the description like "A day that changed the game"
  11. Lord Stanely

    NHL Re-Draft

    WOW! Some of those picks were real dipsh$t picks! Luongo HA! Malkin in his spot HUH?!?! But nothing as bad as Luongo!
  12. Lord Stanely

    Away Games

    I'll 2nd Minny fans being VERY nice. Sat right behind Wings day after Christmas there year on the glass behind the Wings bench with several out of town Wings fans. All of the Minny fans and staff were very nice to us, offered to get my kids close to the tunnel, etc. Best atmosphere outside of a hometown arena that I have ever been too. Also been to: Chicago many times- complete DB's- cussing at my (at the time)7 & 8 year old sons saying things from afar to him (wearing a Wings jersey)like: F$%& the Wings! Osgood su&*s %$@&, etc. Total classless. My 8 year old gave it right back to them albeit a bit sanitized! Also been there without Wings garb on and it was MUCH better. Oh and at a Whitesox game against some scrub teams while the Hawks and Wings were playing a series we wore our Wings stuff and heard it ALL night! Buffalo- Good fans- went the 1st season of Marine Midland. Bunch of polite Canadians going across the border to see the game. Florida- DEAD! Missing something- too tired to recall.
  13. Lord Stanely

    A call to fans

    1) I think the greatest victory of all in this would be during the presentation of the Stanley Cup- Bettman is handing it over to Lidstrom and a Pi lands right in the cup or on Bettman. 2) Small octopi- baby ones shot from a tennis ball sling shot from the upper deck areas. Hold it down near your feet and let them fly. Who could see where they came from? 3) remote control activated Pi launcers? Fill the confetti bags full of seplipods and boom away it rains. 4) Can somebody please make a History will be made video showing a man throwing a pi and being arrested with Bettman smirking? Maybe play it backwards and erase history?
  14. Lord Stanely

    Babcock - Dove For Men - commercial

    Seeing him square dancing is rather strange. Cross country shorts- YIKES! That was really neat thanks for posting it. I now FULLY expect to see take over for the Old Spice commercials (please somebody with video editing skills make this happen) or at a minimum Dos exies most interesting man.
  15. Lord Stanely

    Wings fans at road games

    Tampa game was crazy with wings fans- Mickey kept talking about it. I was at a Wild game this December and there were a TON of Wings fans. The entire area right behind the Wings bench where I was sitting was all Wings fans.