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  1. bringback91

    will wings retire fedorov's 91?

    Wanna join a beer leauge team?
  2. bringback91

    will wings retire fedorov's 91?

    Agree, the sames been said before. We've all seen him score huge goals just like the one tonight for the Caps, scored by him for the Wings many times. I like your point about the "era's of greatness", which he was for his. Which was a great and long tenure, and should be treated as such. C-TownWing Posted Today, 08:24 PM With the game he's having right now, maybe Washington will retire it nah, but he'll be the toast of the town tonight.
  3. bringback91

    Why does Kopecky...

    Oh, i don't expect him to become Datsyuk or anything, just be better or bring something more than other players could bring to that roster spot. Not just in the playoffs but starting tonight. Injury or whatever the reason may be, he's just not performing well enough to merit staying in the lineup or even on the roster. But hey, I'm just a fan not a coach.
  4. bringback91

    Why does Kopecky...

    Agreed. I don't see him as a scapegoat at all, just someone with an undeserved roster spot. He brings nothing to the game that's not easily replaced from within, and this is the time of year I feel the Wings could use Downey the most. In the playoffs it's obvious Kopecky should be the odd man out. Leino or Helm could easily provide more ANYTHING, come playoff time. So if it means waivers, so be it.
  5. bringback91

    Chelios, Downey, McCarty, and Quincey

    Lilja was as huge as it can get for a 6th dman, and i love cheli and all hope he sticks around but the bottom line is Lilja out performed him as the playoffs wore on. Maybe if cheli gets more games off during the season it's a different story, guess we'll find out this year. Anyway, people tend to only remember the gaffes Lilja has, HUGE once in a while, and overlook how he fills his role great on a nightly basis, he really does a great job pk'ing and shot blocking. Sammy's the biggest bargin on the team.
  6. bringback91

    Red Wings to carry enforcer.

    Well one factor could be he's a 09 UFA and Cody Bass is another, making it easier to part with Neil. I'm not sure what's going on in Ottawa, I've heard Spezza's name in rumors, Emery's gone (a no brainer though), Phillips rumors McG traded. I don't think Ottawa's very happy with the way last season ended, and their looking to make changes for sure.
  7. bringback91

    Red Wings to carry enforcer.

    I think Lapointe would be a nice choice over Downey and Mac, (and i'm a big Dmac fan) but i know alot on here probably wouldn't agree, if for nothing else he's been on the roster before. Anyway I think Neil would be a good fit, he seems to sort of go a bit Avery from time to time, but I don't think that'd be a problem on the Wings. Just wondering what you think it'd take to realisticly get Ottawa to consider a deal?
  8. bringback91

    Red Wings to carry enforcer.

    I hear ya. I love to watch hockey fights, but i'm not much of a fan of "staged fights" or ones without a reason. In the middle of a battle of a game, or paybacks like Downey for Lids that's where it's at IMO. Your right while he's not there in skill, Doan is pretty much the face of the franchise pre Olli and along with the others is either a captain or a leader. I'm all about seeing these guys fight, but I'm not sure I'd like to see it much more than we already do. I mean it would be a real shame to see one of these guys miss a big chunk of time from a broken hand due to game #23 of the schedule, you know. I don't know that the Wings star players perfromances have really suffered in the past due to a lack of an enforcer, or that they've lost a series because of it, but i do think it gives the guys a boost and they may play a bit more physical knowing someone's got thier back when s*** hits the fan. But I also think that these guys are grown men, hockey players their whole lives, and when push comes to shove they'll do what they have to do. As witnessed by Datsyuk and Roberts. no it's not Carkner vs. Probie at center ice, but that was good to see. But I'll agree with most others, if not Downey someone has to fill that role again this coming year.
  9. bringback91

    Red Wings to carry enforcer.

    What about Vinny, Iginla, Thorton (when forced), Phaneuf, Doan, hell even Ovechkin and Crosby (on occasion). I mean no, it's not like in Gordies day, but you also can't rat pack a guy in the corner like they used to either. I actually have noticed more fights and a wider variety of players fighting than the past few years.
  10. bringback91

    Red Wings to carry enforcer.

    That's because Cleary popped him a few times, forcing the "chrissy eye gouge"
  11. bringback91

    Red Wings to carry enforcer.

    I'd like to see what Dmac could do with a full training camp with Babcock under his belt. It was obvious that Babs had more faith in Mac than Downey when the chips were down. Don't want to come off as being "anti" downey or anything and he fills his role well, but for me, I'd rather see a guy who could either play a decent game as well and has potential for big game goals (mac) or simply flatten guys like Laraque. As far as all three, I don't think Downey would have a problem playing in G.R. on a two way deal, but that's just a guess on my part.
  12. bringback91

    Red Wings to carry enforcer.

    Agreed. Laraque is an actual heavy weight. He'd destroy Downey, no fault of Downeys at all I like the guy too, but big Georges is in a whole nother class as far as fighting and intimidating go. He seems from what i've saw throughout his carrer, to be a great team and locker room guy too. And like you say NFM, he's better down low and when he actually has the puck on his stick. It's not an option but Brasher would be a perfect fit on that fourth line. That guy can play the game, control the puck down low, and take on anyone in the leauge. I'm not opposed to Downey coming back, and i love fights, but Laraque is a better option IMO. Alot can be said about Downey's poise though. I think back to the St. Louis (i think, maybe dallas not sure) when Downey had 3 guys hanging off his back and cheapshotting him and he just kept his cool. Said something along the lines of "as long as there going after me instead of Hudler" or something like that.
  13. bringback91

    McGuire's Monsters

    While a McGuire is a complete d-bag with an obvious bias against the Wings, I think some are missing the point of his "line-up" here. There not supposed to be the best scorers, most points, or even the biggest impact on the games. To me it seems to be a list of tough, hard nosed guys who are great team guys and are huge to their teams reguardless of what shows up on the scoresheet. This should be apparent by the absence of the Cros off a list on TSN. Sure guys like Franzen, Cleary, Kronner, Dats (this year especially), Z, and Ozzie before or after the playoffs could've been added, or even mentioned as "on the bubble" but really what did you expect?
  14. bringback91

    Crazy Trade Idea

    I think the real question here is, is Franzen switching back to #39?
  15. bringback91

    Previous Post-Cup Moves

    Bykov was a good solid dman, but thats not really why I quoted or posted. Didn't the Wings do something to get Igor back from Florida i believe?