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  1. WingNutt

    Olympic Hockey Streams?

    EVeryone in Michigan live close enough to Canada we should be able to get the CBC feed haha, I just saying CBC is part of my Cable package so that should count for something.
  2. WingNutt

    Olympic Hockey Streams?

    With the USA and Canada game at 12:00 and the Finland Sweden game going on right now, does anyone have a link to a decent stream for the remaining. I have tried but those feeds always get shut down and the NBC website wants to charge or something after the first half hour of watching. thanks in advance everyone and Go USA
  3. never gets old lol
  4. What he said, its obvious why Parise chose Minnesota. It was more about location than money or being on a stanley cup contender. Family came first apparently
  5. Silver Lining, Parise and Suter still will both be playing for the Red White and Blue in the upcoming Olympics in Russia.. ???
  6. WingNutt

    If anyone took a nice large /hi-def image

    drumnj any chance you can post (share) that animated wallpaper?? you would make a lot of Wings fans happy and a Nashville fan at my work would be quite irritated by seeing it all day
  7. WingNutt

    Hawkeytown? ...barf.

    Another thing that makes me sick, is that the NHL11 cover is going to be the second year for Hawks player being on the cover, last year was Kane, now this year is Toews, stupid s***. I'm not even a big fan or anything but think Steven Stamkos deserved the cover for his play this past season, or why not a red wing?? I could have seen Pavel, Z, or Lidstrom all being a perfect candidate for the cover this season.
  8. WingNutt

    WCSF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

    posted in GDT before last game, figured I need to follow the same routine for good luck, Lets go Wings, lets remind the Sharks who we are one more time. 60 minutes of solid Red Wing hockey
  9. WingNutt

    WCQF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Coyotes 1

    fair weather fan ? You should know what the Wings are capable of. The only question with tonights game is which Wings team will show up?? I know they can Win any given night, problem is will they come to play or be the team that plays as though they don't want to put in effort to win.
  10. WingNutt

    NHL Crazy Fans

  11. WingNutt

    NHL Crazy Fans

    yeah he imitates every little detail that kipper does. now that is a fan I also just noticed something creepy in the mo cheese picture, looks like the guy holding the beer in the background is checking out moe's back view with a creepy smile on his face haha
  12. WingNutt

    NHL Crazy Fans

    One of the things I love about our sport, is how loyal we fans are to our team, and the crazy fans and traditions teams have. As any wings fan knows we have Mo Cheese guy that dresses up with weird hats and dances at every game to hey moe!, The Orange Hat Guy, and a lady that knits. All infamous fans that bring something special and different to our team, and as far as tradition goes, We have the Octopi, Nashville has Catfish, Florida Panthers have plastic Rats, and so on. The Canucks have these crazy guys that dress in all green spandex head to toe, and they mess with the visiting teams players who visit the penalty box try to get in their heads at how weird and bizarre the whole thing is. In Calgary they have a little 11 year old kid that dress up like Kiprusoff and mimics his every move, He has goal pads, jersey, matching mini mask, they call him little-kipper. Every team has something special and unique like this If you guys know some of the others post them up discuss and see how either crazy NHL fans are or how committed they are as fans to make it special for their home team. Another thing to consider is the tradition of the hat trick. this one has been around a long time and every team and hockey fan honors it what other sport is this great?
  13. WingNutt

    Tilted Visor Trend?

    they have all kinds of different visor colors now, Mclaren who used to play for San Jose uses one, Ovie had a blue in the all star game a few years back. Ovie Blue Visor well I would say the "TREND" is starting this year, one guy wearing it for a few years doesn't make it a trend. This season is the first year multiple players are doing it, and players that didn't have it like that before example is Crosby. watch and see how many more guys start copying this, it looks so stupid
  14. WingNutt

    Tilted Visor Trend?

    Not sure if anyone knows or not but, I have noticed throughout the NHL and other hockey leagues, including a few players in Beer Leagues I've seen. There is a new fashion trend in hockey, where with visors are starting to push them up so much that the top edge of the visor nearly touches the bottom edge of their helmet, Cindy Crysby is one of the players sporting this look, and actually our own Kronwall as well as others. I figure some of them don't want the visor getting in the way of their vision so why wear one at all? I suppose it would help with protecting their eyes when they are looking down in the corners or at least protect their foreheads. Even players during the Olympics were doing this mostly Canadians, thanks god Pavel, Z and others are not doing this. and I'm also Glad Ovie is wearing his visor the proper way as well. I personally thing it looks stupid and wanted everyone input and see if anyone else has noticed this season.From playing hockey my whole life I've noticed Hockey trends come and go. I remember the socks being pulled over top of the heels and sometimes the front of the skates, also remember the trend of some players cutting the inside portion of their pants so they could have better movement or hockey pants gangsta style.
  15. WingNutt

    Wings need a change of jersey

    wow what a bad idea, April fools or not, do you guys remember when the Pistons changed their whole logo colors and everything to that ugly ass teal black and yellow stuff from the Grant Hill era? with the flaming horse on the front lol ?? it would be almost as bad as that. Thank god they changed back to red white and blue the pistons have the best colors in the NBA with them. Trying to make us into a Cali team?? Remember the LA Kings Yellow Purple jerseys haha wow, and how about the Lakers same thing ugly ass colors.