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  1. Earthhuman


  2. Earthhuman

    700 Posts for a Sharks Game 7 Win

    Couture comes out with the 'C', being the only Shark to avoid the word "confident" after game 6, and scores early in the third, just about sealing it.
  3. Earthhuman

    Wings in Seven

    And my name is Jim, but it's really Cindy.
  4. Earthhuman

    Explain This To Me?!?!

    Out of curiosity, is it considered a penalty to initiate contact after a play is blown dead?
  5. Earthhuman

    Positive Signs for The Wings in These Playoffs

    Yet the only times Phoenix seemed to have a shot at winning in the third, the Wings responded well.
  6. Earthhuman

    Red Wing Tombstones

    "Lot reserved for Nicklas Lidstrom." Classy start. I've always said we need a little more Keats around here. (Starting now)
  7. Earthhuman

    Red Wing Tombstones

    (What phrase or eulogy would you put on a Wing's tombstone?) I thought of this thread listening to Ken Daniels say the ubiquitous, "Datsyuk - still has the puck." Nobody can seem to take it off of him, why should the other side be any different. Anyway, what are your suggestions for any Wing, past or present? Think funny or poignant. EDIT: Sorry to the magical thinkers here that consider this thread bad mojo.
  8. Earthhuman

    Nicklas Lidstrom likely will be Red Wing next season, too

    Even the 6 million was a cut from his last contract, right? And he has looked better this season. You can't have it both ways, he was never low-balled himself as far as I'm aware of, I don't see that continuing. Look at it this way, could you spend the 6 million any better? When you ask that, it starts to look more like the discount it is.
  9. Earthhuman

    Wings true +/-

    I don't think the guy is suggesting that Datsyuk should have almost 70 points. The point is to compare players of the same team in terms of relative value. The point is to show how useful they are to the team in relation to one-another. Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Zetterberg are having strong years. But look at Holmstrom, Helm, Eaves... that's the point. Now, I think he rewards too much for penalties drawn and things like that, forwards are probably more likely to benefit from that, but it's interesting to see contribution in terms of more than goals for on ice/goals against on ice. The plus/minus stat is a worthless one anyway, why not make it a little less accurate, but taking much more into account?
  10. Earthhuman

    TB ticket prices not going up

    Read any preview of the last game the Wings played against them from any news source. That's the Yzerman factor.
  11. Earthhuman

    Bieksa out two to three weeks

    Out of curiosity, when are these injuries projected to affect VAN's team performance whatsoever? Any faith in that team by the fans is well-deserved.. I don't see many teams that could take them on and win 4 of 7. In my opinion, they have to beaten both on the ice and off, in terms of rest, fitness, preparation, etc.; then, obviously, execution. The alternative is breaking some bones, and it looks like several teams have that idea already.
  12. Earthhuman

    2/9 GDT: Predators 4 at Red Wings 1

    I vote that every Red Wing player should get at least a point tonight. Rebuttal?
  13. Earthhuman

    2/9 GDT: Predators 4 at Red Wings 1

    The downside of every Wings game day is that I have to see the phrase "severed tendon."
  14. Earthhuman

    Souray too slow for Rangers

    Nope, each randomly drafted Islanders player gets to sign an additional player. This player becomes their "bus-buddy" so that nobody gets lost or traded before an away game.
  15. Earthhuman

    Valtteri Filppula Leg Injury

    Ah, but no man is an island..