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  1. BUY-IN LGW Fantasy Hockey League

    Just sent you a PM!
  2. Parise Watch [update x2]: Red Wings OUT of Running

    Just checked the Pens GM into a Rosetta Stone kiosk in Terminal G.
  3. Parise Watch [update x2]: Red Wings OUT of Running

    Do I need to start driving around the Twin Cities to get the scoop?
  4. Realignment Not Occuring Next Year

    Most teams are in the east = a majority of players voting against it. It absolutely upped the travel of those teams, spreading it out more evenly across the league. As it is now, the EC teams travel minimally compared to WC teams, especially those WC teams in the eastern and central time zones. However, I do agree this might not have been that big of a deal had Bettman and the league approached this with the league instead of appearing to force it down their throats.
  5. Jimmy Howard injury

    Eh, I doubt it was the ribs. To me, the way he was bent over, I think it's his collar bone.
  6. 3/16 GDT: Capitals 2 at Red Wings 3

    As great as Fedorov was, his complete game has never held a candle to Datsyuk.
  7. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    Crosby is a great hockey player, there is no doubt. As such, I do respect his skills as a hockey player. With that said, I do not respect him as a person, because there is also no doubt that he is an *******. His interview just proved it when asked about their victory post-game and part of his response included "we certainly didn't expect it to be that close." He might as well have said "I honestly thought we were going to run away with it, didn't expect them to be that good" or something to that effect. Damnit! All I think most hockey fans want from Crosby, probably the greatest player of his generation, is to show some f'n respect. Your team was loaded with superstars and you were on home ice and you BARELY beat the youngest team in the tourney, who had just beat you a week ago. His quote should have been "we knew it was gonna be close" or something to that effect.
  8. Instead of Pronger AND Nieds

    I am of the opinion that Green would have been a better choice defensively, as opposed to Pronger. Not neccessarily Nieds. With that said, with the games on Canadian soil, I think that would have raised A LOT of eyebrows leaving Pronger off the team, something Stevie Y and the Canadian brass didn't want to have coming into the games.
  9. Instead of Pronger AND Nieds

    Should Stevie Y have chosen Mike Green? Or another younger, faster defenseman to compliment one of the older guys with diminished skills and speed? I'm not talking just for last night either. I think their lack of speed on the blue line was exposed during the Swiss game as well. Interested to hear everyone's thoughts on this!
  10. What's the Story Behind This Incident?

    Not sure about Kulfan's claims just like everyone else here. Seems to be a stretch assumption based on nothing. With that said, I have ALWAYS maintained that I never liked how Holland handled this, I thought Cujo got screwed and the blame was inappropriately laid at his feet.
  11. "A King's Ransom" Gretzky Show

    I completely agree, it was a tough decision all around. He deserved the money, no doubt, and he could have made it in Edmonton, but there were just factors that kept that decision from being made.
  12. a partner for pasha and the mule

    1. Fixed 2. I've never seen a pass come off two sticks at the same time 3. My point was I don't typically bash, but I think last night was pretty tough evidence that he is struggling.
  13. "A King's Ransom" Gretzky Show

    My perception of this trade, particularly Gretzky, changed after watching this. Gretzky flat out said in the beginning he wanted to be "the highest paid player in hockey" and that "I think I deserved it". While no one can discount that he should have been the highest paid player in hockey and that he did deserve it, becoming that individual and stating that was what he wanted before his contract was up put Pocklington in a very bad position, because it would require one of two things: 1. Wayne signing elsewhere or 2. Wayne signs a monster contract with Edmonton at a time when the Canadian dollar was super weak against the American dollar, thus forcing Pocklington to dismantle the rest of the pieces around Gretzky. The other fascinating piece to the story was that Wayne had an opportunity to call it off. He had the opportunity to say no, lets keep it here, lets work it out. Which leads me to believe that for him money won out, but he justified that to himself because it allowed Pocklington to keep the rest of the team together for a bit longer. As others have pointed out, they won another cup without Wayne. Also, I think the public's perception of this trade has changed over the years and films like this help us understand the business side of the game much more so than we used to. We would also be naive to think that there were a lot of forces at work behind the scenes that were not even outlined in this movie. Ultimately, I don't think I can disagree that what ultimately ended up happening was the best thing for all sides at the time, as heartbreaking as it was, and there is no doubt that this event launched professional hockey into a new era.
  14. a partner for pasha and the mule

    I am not one to come on here and bash on a player. Unless it was Lang, because he's lazy and he sucks HOWEVER.....It was impossible to not notice the worst shift by an individual player in the tilt last night. That is not the Homer I know. Iced the puck because he didn't see the defenseman outskate his teammate into the offensive zone, and after the face off, proceeded to turn the puck over twice with a lazy clear and pass in his own zone, with an end result being the biscuit in the basket. I have never yelled at Homer through my television....until last night. I do not want to believe he has lost it, and I won't buy into the hype I read here calling for his head, but damn Homer, people don't need that type of ammunition!
  15. [GDT] 10/3 - Red Wings, 3 @ Blues, 5 (Stockholm)

    Agreed. Congrats cprice, it looks like the Blues under Davidson's control are going to be a real player in the division again. Good, maybe this will light a fire under Hollands ass to get younger.