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    Making puns 24/7, drinking, bowling, hockey, football, baseball, UFC, any of the random things on ESPN such as competitive eating. I am the official retired undefeated champion of Scene It Sports with a 34-0 career record. I am obsessed with hockey fights. My life goals have varied from joining the Pro Bowling Tour, being a professional lottery player, and being a professional karaoke singer. Unfortunately, none of them have worked out so far.

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  1. Gone, but not forgotten.

  2. Members photos

    The first thing i thought of when i saw this was hey its the little abused kid from Kindergarten Cop!
  3. Members photos

    In that case i take back every bad thing ive ever said about you!
  4. Members photos

    haha me too. I now envision you as looking exactly like Lilja as well. Before that, you were that green shrek looking guy. I need to get a hold of a pic of me from the hoe down last week...for a guy who hardly listens to country music i was pretty damn cowboyed up.
  5. 2008 Detroit Tigers Season Thread

    Hey the boys actually won a game! So let me make sure i have this right, on a staff thats completely blown so far we're going to take out the guy who's 3-1 with a 3.06 era when Willis comes back? Is that how it works? Please, somebody correct me if im wrong! I dont know, seems to me like that Robertson fella could slide right into Zach Miner's bullpen spot but i guess that would just make too much sense!
  6. Official LGW.com Game 2 GTG?

    Ive always been interesting in doing something like this, (not coordinating, but going) but i'll be getting crunk at the ho down all day Saturday. Yee haw! Even if it were possible to go afterwards, believe me, you wouldnt want to have any association with me at that point.
  7. Downey wins "Most Improved/Comeback Fighter" of the Year

    I have to disagree. Its not as if he was losing to guys like McLaren and Laperriere going into the year. Last year he beat Neil, and his only loss was to Brashear. He fought nobody like that this year to draw any type of comparison. There was only one guy on his card this season that was questionable top 10 at any point during the year (Parros). There are no big wins other than that. Two years ago he got creamed by Fedoruk and Shelley, who he drew with this year, but Fedoruk is a shadow of what he was then and Shelley has also went downhill since. That fight also never really got going as Downey slipped early on if i remember correctly.Drawing with O'Donnell is a bad draw as was the Boll result (even if you score that a draw). You know im a big Downey supporter, so it has nothing to do with not liking him, but i dont think in any way is "Most Improved" warranted. I agree there should be a separate category...comeback i can kinda see as he's back on the NHL map so to speak. But being linked with most improved is inaccurate imo.
  8. 2008 Detroit Tigers Season Thread

    Matt Joyce is in the lineup...no, not the old Lions O-lineman! Sheffield batting 6th,...dont really see anything drastic here unless the lineup in the pregame changes. Curtis still at leadoff...
  9. Downey wins "Most Improved/Comeback Fighter" of the Year

    Thats great for Downey, but looking at the candidates i dont see how Orr didnt win that. He went from being a guy probably outside most top 10s to a legit rock solid heavy at minimum #6 in the league. I'd also pick Ivanans over Downey and he wasnt even nominated. Downey's record was strong, as evidenced in my sig, but the competition was still suspect in general and i dont really see the improvement factor. Just having a good record isnt an indicator, and its obvious thats what everyone went by.
  10. 2008 Detroit Tigers Season Thread

    Yeah, i think theyre coming to grips with the fact Carlos is pretty much a liability no matter where you put him. I cant think of any other reason Sheff would be playing LF than to give the DH slot to Guillen. Inge is back to hitting crappy, but i guess at this point they'd just be going with the defense.
  11. 2008 Detroit Tigers Season Thread

    Cool. I liked when we got him, but something about him here never meshed. He needed to go. Going with this info, im betting Carlos Guillen is the new DH, and Inge is going back to 3rd.
  12. 2008 Detroit Tigers Season Thread

    There was speculation that Granderson would be moved to the middle of the lineup, which i think is overdue. He's proven he can be a power/ run producer. He is exactly a by the book #3 hitter to a tee, its supposed to go to your best blend of power/average/speed. Other than a move for Curtis, everthing else is up in the air. This would be my guess: 1) Renteria SS 2) Polanco 2B 3) Granderson CF 4) Cabrera 1B 5) Ordonez RF 6) Guillen DH 7) Sheffield LF 8) Pudge C 9) Inge 3B Not exactly "drastic", but i think it qualifies as enough shifting around. I agree with you on wanting Sheffield out of there, but i cant see that happening. We'll see how Gary's ego would take getting bumped down if it happens... EDIT: Didnt know Jones is gone...
  13. 2008 Detroit Tigers Season Thread

    I think you jinxed Lopez on Friday. He's been stellar up till then, but the only guys i have any confidence in are Rapada and even Jones. Bautista is garbage as ive always thought. I hope Zumaya throwing off the mound now doesnt give people false hopes like it did last season. Actually i think his best chance for success now is to stay down in the minors for a year and try to become a starter again. He's just not going to be able to bring that heat anymore which made him so successful. Verlander 1-5 6.28 era...who wouldve thought.
  14. Members photos

    Tough luck, first to post gets first dibs! I'll need to do something about Manny Legace though. Besides, me and Julianne just isnt working out anyway. Since she got knocked off the show our schedules just havent been on the same page. It was over before it even began.
  15. 2008 Detroit Tigers Season Thread

    Oh, and my new favorite Tiger is.... (drumroll please) Clay friggin' Rapada!