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  1. While I'm not happy with management's decision to keep everyone and his dog, I think it would have been a stretch to fire Holland right now. Probably not the most popular sentence i'll ever write on here, but step outside the box for a second. This guy was in charge of what, nearly 20 years of consecutive playoff appearances, and then we miss one season. Really? Just looking at that, would you fire him? On closer inspection, then we have the long, blundering contracts we're now laboured with, and hiring a coach who I don't think gets the best out of his players. And yea, when you analyse the trends over the last 3 seasons, since we got beaten by chicago, then you have an argument. But at this stage, it's probably a knee jerk response to fire KH I see also that we're all pining for Stevie Y to come back and be the GM, and I'd love that, but I think we're all sort of acting like that guy who's really into that girl who says she'll leave her boyfriend. Well guess what. She never does leave her boyfriend. Why wouldn't Tampa lock up Yzerman long term? He's been frankly excellent and even missing the playoffs this year, they're in great shape. I still think the right move would have been to fire Blashill, given the coaches out there on the market this summer, but also it seems to me that management is sort of in denial about doing this whole rebuild thing. Our D is atrocious, and badly has been needing a proper youth movement for 6 years now. Up front we're looking quite solid with larkin, AA, Mantha, Svech and one or two other pieces, and if Mrazek can bounce back then we're set at G. But really, they need to do this properly, and have 2 bad years and trade some assets for a top D man and hope that Cholowski turns into the next Chelios. Ofc I'm not expert, but I've watched the same as everyone else has this season with Blashill benching guys he should be playing, and sticking Sheahan and other turds in positions they really shouldn't be. Hopefully the only good thing about Blashill coming back is that he'll be on an incredibly short leash (one can only hope). But really, I'd rather they just be bad next season and miss the playoffs also so we can at least stockpile two good picks. I have a feeling however, KH will do his utmost to try and sign an ageing free agent or two this offseason just to make us semi relevant that we might try and squeeze back in only to be bounced in the first round.
  2. These suspensions are all bs. Really. Nyquist shouldn't play another game this season. And Keith should have missed the entire post season last year. And he'd had a similar incident 3 years prior. It's ridiculous. The only time the league got it right on a suspension was when Torres missed 41 games. Factoring in previous history as a 'dirty' player is bs also. Are you going to give someone a slap on the wrist for assault just because they haven't done it before? And if we do factor it in, look at Keith, who apparently gets the same length of suspension as Gus, even though Keith had a previous history not 3 years prior? And injury of the opposing player also shouldn't play a part in determining the suspension. Frankly, if you look at Nyquist and Keith's plays, both could have lead to career ending injuries for the opponent. Not to jump on the bandwagon, but Marchand should be suspended for a long time for his slew footing bs. If this league is actually serious about cutting this crap out of the game, then it's time the DOPS actually acted like it had a pair and sent a message to someone who's actually a high level player in this league and suspend them properly for a period of time that will actually affect their team so it sends a message that these kind of plays aren't tolerated. Unfortunately, most likely due to behind the scenes politics, DOPS doesn't have a pair to even begin with.
  3. Problem is because Jacobs is like King on the Board, Marchand might get a one game suspension and that's about it. The league has no balls. They need to send a message. Suspend him for the rest of the season I say.
  4. I don't like to assign blame, but really, if I'm a young guy, I might be questioning whether or not I wanted to play for this coach. A few people on here have pointed out that this team looks de-motivated at times, and I agree, and I have to think that's got to have something to do with blashill right? If you want to play and win for your coach, you're going to play harder yea? So it goes with our young guys who actually have talent, like Mantha and AA, and to an extent Sproul, can you imagine how frustrated they must have been under his tenure? look at AA last year, late in the season he was making a huge impact, only to basically get 5 minutes a game and watch ECHL worthy Andersson get a call up and play in front of him?? Or even at times this season where Blashill has publicly called him out for his bad points, or limited his ice time after playing well. Look at Mantha, who I think we can all agree has been playing excellent in December and early January, then he has what, one bad game, and gets his ice time slashed from 20 to 15 minutes for the next 4 games? Ofc I'm not the coach, but I have to wonder also at this point what he's got against Sproul. The guy came in and played well I thought.
  5. This has been going for nearly a year now in the NBA. The 76ers and Kings already announced sponsorship deals with teams last year: They are small at present, but I absolutely hate the idea. In the UK all the football teams have this massive ad emblazoned on the front of the jersey, taking centre stage. What's worse is how they change the uniform designs literally every season as well, and the sponsors change too sometimes. So as a fan, as soon as you buy the jersey, it'll be obsolete very soon. Ads will make their way to hockey jerseys, sooner rather than later, and it'll be the last time I buy a jersey if they do....
  6. This is complicated right now. Short term, obviously I want the wings to win, get into the playoffs and go on a run (as do most ppl here I imagine). Realistically, we've seen that this team isn't really capable of doing that - not much has changed really in terms of this team being better than last years version which got beaten in the first round again. I think most of us recognise here that in order for the Wings to be stronger long term, down the road, a year of missing the playoffs and selling off our highest priced asset (which we haven't had the luxury of doing for as long as I can remember in Vanek), could potentially add some high end talent that will enable this team to bounce right back and set us up going forward. Obviously I'd prefer the former, for the Wings to realise their potential and go on a run, but there's a reason this team has been out of a playoff spot for most of the season. I don't like seeing the Wings lose, or get trounced or walked over, but frankly, I'd rather see us miss one year in order for this team to come back better and stronger next year and the one after. For me it's about being realistic. But I enjoy watching the Wings regardless. It's Z's twilight of his career. Guys like Mantha and AA and a few of our young D guys are exciting players to watch. It gives you a glimpse of what could happen next year and beyond if the right things happen.
  7. What if we could only get a 2nd rounder (and a late one at that) plus a mediocre D prospect from a contender for Vanek? What's better then? Trading for that or re-signing him? Even though I'd like to think they could get a first for him, what if it's not a sellers market, and the returns are crap? Vanek has been excellent, and in this scenario I don't see re-signing him as the worst option, as long as some other excess fat is trimmed from the roster. I still think he should be traded to take advantage of us having a high priced valuable asset for a change, combined with our diminutive post-season prospects, but keeping him probably wouldn't be the worst thing ever as long as the new contract is reasonable....
  8. I do too, but frankly, they've looked really good in say, 3 of the last 4 games or so and have beaten two of the top teams in the league. It's really tight in the East (6 points out of the last wild card spot and 4 points back of Toronto for 3rd in the division). Frankly, if this team isn't more than 10 points out I see KH sitting on his hands. While it wouldn't be the worst thing, they've clearly got an opportunity to get something good for Vanek right now, and they could actually attempt to sort out or D. It would really go a long way to getting this team off to a good start in LCA next year. All it takes is solid goaltending, another top quality D man, and a good C (or further development of AA and Larkin), and we could easily be in the mix next year. This team just needs some key young players to take another step forward (like we've seen from Mantha and to an extent AA) and things will be looking good. A good high pick in the draft and some help on D in exchange for Vanek would be something management would be extremely smart in doing, even if it costs them the beloved streak.
  9. Agree with you on Jensen, but not to be negative, these guys really aren't going to be more than 3rd pair anchors are they? It's what we've been saying for a long time, that the our prospects are middle of the road talents, especially on the backend. Personally, I think Sproul should be playing more, but that's clearly Blashill's issue with him not being good enough defensively, but then again, neither is Green. I guess you can't have too many offensive defensemen right?? And two is certainly too much!! If someone has to go through waivers when Smith is healthy they can't just neglect Sproul. That right hand shot and his offensive ability is something we don't have enough of on the backend. A team would easily claim him I think. I reckon Jurco has seen his last days here. I had better hopes for him when he came back this year but we haven't really seen much out of him at all. Which is kinda sad considering how good he was with Sheahan and Tatar that first year they all came up....
  10. The thing is now though, you watch, the Wings will go on a little bit of a run, not a massive one, but just enough to put them on the playoff bubble. Which means Holland won't sell, he'll probably stand pat, and we'll end up either missing the playoffs or just squeaking in and getting dumped in the first round again. Vanek walks for nothing and we miss a great opportunity to set us up well for next season with a high pick of our own and another first from another team..... That's just the way I see it. I'm glad this team has put it together the last week or so and I obviously want to see the Wings win, but really, for the long term future of this franchise, it couldn't have come at a worse time imo. We're not close to competing this year, and extending the streak by squeaking in just reinforces the badly managed philosophy of the last few years.
  11. I genuinely feel this won't happen though, even if it's obvious we're out of the playoff picture before the deadline. I never thought they'd fire Dombrowski (but they did) and when he traded away pending FA's Price, Cespedes etc for high end prospects which will definitely help them the next few years, I thought it was incredibly smart. But it ended with him losing his job. I get the feeling the same will happen with the Wings if KH did something similar. Trade Smith, Vanek, hell even Howard if he keeps playing this well. (Some here will argue KH should be long gone and it wouldn't be a bad thing). My point is that especially with the new building opening next year I don't think ownership will want to see the Wings as sellers or even missing the playoffs the year before it opens..... If they do take that approach and don't sell and just sit and watch more players walk for free (and we lose Howard or Mrazek in the expansion draft - sod's law we'd lose Mrazek as they'd protect Howard) it'll hamper us some more I feel
  12. Not to play Devil's advocate, but isn't this a trend that we are seeing across pretty much all pro sports right now? Look at some teams that are building new arenas/stadiums that are barely that old: MLB: Texas Rangers - Ballpark in Arlington (1994) - new park opening 2021 Atlanta Braves - Turner field (1996) - Sun Trust Park opening 2017 NHL: Gila River Arena (2003) - new arena proposed/approved These are obviously just a few examples, and look at NHL teams that were forced to move because team owners handcuffed the city into threatening relocation unless they coughed up millions of dollars to build a new arena because they wanted more revenue from corporate boxes even though their current arena was perfectly good for hockey.....
  13. Would you consider Hall a superstar? Definitely Karlsson and Lundqvist, and the Rangers have a better core than we do right now. But I agree. It's a coaching issue. And we've all seen Blashill's inability and lack of desire to play young players over veterans - see last year, Tatar and Nyquist's ice time cut, AA playing 4 mins in the playoffs, Sproul scratched for 7 or so games after being very effective. I personally wonder if there's pressure over head from management to 'win or else' and thus the safest way to do that is to play veterans who at least are competent at this level. Granted I never saw the Wings in the deadwings era, but having watched this team for nearly 20 years now, I can't ever remember a time when we looked this bad. Guys don't seem to have energy or desire There's literally no forecheck We seem to be stuck offensively and play a dump and chase style half the time and rarely come up with the puck The PP usage is baffling but I wonder if Blashill putting Sproul and Green together is just his way of trying to break us out of a funk by putting our best offensive D men on the same unit? Another PP observation is zone entries. They are just lost without Datsyuk bringing the puck in and setting up everytime. Even then, the forecheck really does get me. As you're rightly saying, we are quick and have good speed, but no one seems to know how to utilise it. And with Howard playing like an all star, I would have assumed we'd be a bit better than this right now For whatever reason, I get the impression that this team is trying to play a puck possession game, can't because they aren't skilled enough, so they dump and chase, yet don't have the tenacity or physicality to succeed there either.
  14. Neither am I, and I actually wouldn't be too upset with it tbh. I think a bad finish will finally tell KH that he can't get by with mediocre band aids to try and sneak into the playoffs, and instead that it's time for a few changes. I do fear however that if KH does a Dombrowski and sells off a few pending FA's for prospects he'll get fired by the Illitch crew and thus he won't do anything even if we're out of a playoff spot in february... Maybe chance for a new era, what with moving to LCA next year.
  15. Surely, this is a good thing for the city though? They're clearly trying to evolve this into a true district, which will inevitably bring more people downtown, spending more money, boosting the economy etc. While maybe not ideal for the Wings, if they knew that there'd be issues with the ice quality etc, then they wouldn't do it? Think of how many teams around the league share an arena with NBA teams....LA, Toronto, NY, Boston, Chicago to name a few