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  1. goredwings


  2. goredwings

    Wings re-sign Cleary $1.5 mill + $1mill in game bonuses

    You people are all way too serous about this. Take a step back from your keyboard and breath. The positive of this is it a 1 year deal we have a ton of cap space and looks like no way of using it. If he performs like he has prior to the last couple of years you will all be in love with this move come season end. He is a veteran player who can be trusted by the coach and knows the system, you are all very well aware of how fragile this team is so veteran leadership and depth at this price is a no brainer even if he does not play a game. As for the GM I would like to see how some of the posters on this site would be able to pull off the NHL 2014 trades that some of you so desperately want. I can't imagine that it's that easy or you'd be a GM in this league by now. Life long wings fan here who is a realistic person. Chill out relax and enjoy the show!!!!
  3. goredwings

    Axelsson goes rogue - heading to Sweden

    This is just a little harsh don't you think. Please people he is a kid who wants the NHL and thinks he is good enough to step in there right away. Maybe if the origination would not subject all their top prospects like this they might learn something from the Vets at the NHL level that could get their heads on straight. Lord know with the amount of injuries the team has had this year and the number of players leaving in the off season he could have been given a shot to stick with the club out of camp maybe it would have been a different story. Please refrain from wishing harm on another human because he does not want to play Hockey in North America or at all it's just a game.
  4. goredwings

    The Source Of Datsyuk’s Problems ?

    Side note to this post. Pronger did not leave Edmonton because his Wife hated the cold...She wanted out because he was on route to being Tiger.
  5. goredwings

    favourite player growing up...

    Hockey: John Ogrodnick Baseball: Kirk Gibson Football: Jerry Rice Basketball: Shawn Kemp
  6. goredwings

    Who do we try for next?

    I think the golas will be replaced buy Cleary who will now be a top 6 forward and Fil. Think about who we had when the cup was won in 08 there was no Hossa and Huds was a fourth liner and sammy was sammy and we scored way more because of Pav and Z playing on the same line they are magic together. Peter Sykor could be a cheaper answer for some goal scoring.
  7. goredwings

    Who do we try for next?

    OK so there seems to be a lot of panic on this fom about not signing players to deals and losing players...Yes it sucks but we are very deep and in GR we have some talent that is ready to make the jump and could be tradable at the deadline if need be. This is how things will work for the wings and most other teams wanting to hold on to a their 5 or so big name players. Teams will fill the third and fourth lines with young talent or older cheap vets this is a salary cap folks it's not the end of the world. The wings will be godd because they will have youth and enthusiasm pushing the vets on the team and i for one love it. they just have to make sure they hit everything thatr moves even if it's their own players...
  8. goredwings

    Get Rid of the Extra Point for OT/SO Losses

    Dumbest post ever! The win is already accounted for in the Win column the only thing he is adjusting is the loss column as indicated by the OT / SO LOSSES column
  9. goredwings

    my sentiments exactly

    Interesting Article on nhl.com http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=414523&...vid=DL|NHL|Home I totallly agree i read the post on this site daily for the pure amusement. You people think the world of red wing is comming to an end at the slightest bit of adversity. Have some faith Also I would keep Franzen over Hossa in a heart beat.
  10. goredwings

    I blame the refs

    we lost because of a horrible start 2-0 after 1, we were lucky to be ahead after that then with the lead late we did not get the puck deep with about 45 seconds left in the netrual zone and were running around chasing the puck when the tying goal was scored and Fleury was really soild
  11. goredwings

    I blame the refs

  12. goredwings

    Man the Pens board is just as bad as their coach...

    There were two really big non calls in the game last night. I give full marks to the Pens they did what they needed to do and got a win but the pitch fork of HAL I’m really tall and that’s all GILL was a blatant "obstruction" penalty that was not called and on the third goal the hockey god himself GARY I will sucker punch you in the head ROBERTS should have been called for something when he hit Lilia in the corner before either of them had touched the puck. The Pens fan can cry all they want about obstruction but it has gone both ways. The wings are the better team enough said
  13. goredwings


    Thanks everyone very much appreciated
  14. goredwings


    I will be arriving from Calgary on the 24 early in the morning and was wondering if someone could tell me if there is anything happening at the JOE during the day besides the morning skates? Thanks
  15. goredwings

    Trade and Free Agent Game

    What will the team cap number be at the beginning of the season? The 07/08 numbers or the 08/09 number and will the rosters be the same?