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  1. lfd250


  2. I have the following 2 tickets Sec 138 Row 24 Seats 23&24 $80 face $34 (28+6) 2 tickets Sec 138 Row 25 Seats 23&24 $80 face $34 (28+6) 4 Tickets Sec 123 Row 28 Seats 9-12 $160 face $34 (28+6)
  3. I have 2 or 4 Tickets available. Once a set is gone the other set will be withdrawn. 4 Tickets Sec 11 Row 45 Seats 1-4 $900 Face is $195 (189+6) 2 Tickets Sec 10 Row 41 Seats 1&2 $360 Face is $155 (149+6) I have an paypal account and once agreed and money is deposited tickets will be sent. Thank You
  4. lfd250

    The most annoying things about being at games?

    3. Remember the Joe was built in the 70s everyone was a lot smaller and skinner. Also, the upper bowl seats are wider. Seems like it any way. 5. It could be a superstiton. (sp) And the fact that Chicago cheers throughout the whole thing makes this seem moot.
  5. lfd250

    Brendan Smith

    Problem is when the whole team is doing bad, smith looks REALLY bad. At the last game I started counting the times smith and Q blew it. It wasn't good. Also, the fact we are getting out shot is something new and needs to be addressed.
  6. lfd250

    Lidstrom will play in Winter Classic Alumni Game

    It is that Lidstrom will play. Weird.
  7. http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/2013/08/red_wings_expect_nicklas_lidst.html
  8. lfd250

    Big Red Wings Announcement coming tomorrow

    Lids comeing back for alumi game was annouced a while ago.
  9. lfd250

    2012 Lockout Watch

    To add salt to my wounds: "Your Detroit Red Wings season tickets have shipped"
  10. lfd250

    2012 Lockout Watch

    Fact is other then the people here, no body cares what the NHL is doing. College football starts, NFL has started, and it's time for baseball to start the race to the playoffs. There will be no uproar if it doesn't start on time. And people will just think they are saving money because there's no games. I love the game of hockey and will be back when they choose to start, but have always thought it was BS what the players make. That goes for all sports. Players are being paid what a small city could use for a police force. And this is if they play or not. The worse thing is, we will be stuck watching poker on TV all winter long. I hope that some of the Wings still play in Michigan so we can watch them play.
  11. lfd250

    Jimmy Buffett at Comerica

    I have four tickets BB row 17. I'd like to get what I paid for them $800.
  12. lfd250

    Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium Finalized

    Really???????????? Illich doesn't care about Detroit? He OWNS half of detroit. Red Wings, Tigers, Fox Theater, Motor City Casino are the big items. He tried to buy the Pistons and BRING THEM BACK DOWNTOWN. He owns every parking lot around Comerica Park and is giving up probably 57,000 cars paying parking. He didn't leave the city when he bought the wings and everyone wanted him to move to Troy.
  13. lfd250

    Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium Finalized

    Let's get serious. What jersey should they wear. I'm going for the first year of the Wings or even a cougar or falcon. I like the D, but I have it and want a new one.
  14. NHL network has on the ticker that there will be an announcement tomorrow at 3pm. Anyone hear anything???