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  1. Elshupacabra

  2. The lack of information on your profile disturbs me. How am I supposed to stalk you effectively with so little to go on?

  3. Post Everytime You Look

    Phfft...nothing's changed.
  4. Datsyuk listed as "day to day"

    He took a shot to the thigh last game that seemed to bother him a little, that might have something to do with it.
  5. Post Everytime You Look

  6. Post Everytime You Look

    clock Follow those instructions except choose "h:mm:ss tt" instead. You may also be able to just choose "English (United States)" from the drop down menu on the first page, if it isn't already selected.
  7. Why so many lefties?

    Alot of right handed players use a left curved stick. The thought being, that if you have your dominant, stronger hand on the top of the stick it will give you a quicker, harder shot because you'll be able to put a stronger "snap" into your shots and since the majority of people are right handed, the majority of people would use left handed sticks in that theory. That being said, there are plenty of players who are right handed and use right curved sticks and vice versa, some think that this method improves puck control and accuracy having your stronger hand on the bottom, near the puck. It's probably just more of a comfort thing then anything else.
  8. Thanks Ken & Mickey

    They'll be missed for sure. They sure were refreshing to hear after having to put up with the Versus crew, or even worse yet....Pierre McGuire for a game or two. Thanks Ken & Mickey!
  9. Post Everytime You Look

    WHAT. A. GAME.
  10. Post Everytime You Look

    He sure did! He. SURE. did.
  11. Minnesota interviewing candidates for gm position

    I'm actually surprised that Jim Nill's name isn't being mentioned much with all of the potential positions available this summer.
  12. Post Everytime You Look

    I'm not going to eat them! They're going to be my new best friends.
  13. Post Everytime You Look

    I just overnighted 45lbs of crawfish straight from Louisiana...
  14. The person below me game...

    Yep. When you're friends with a bunch of insomniacs...it stands to reason. TPBM hates Wally Szczerbiak