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  1. Kp-Wings

    gritty players I would like the wings to sign

    Zenon Konopka. Gritty, tough, fights... annnnnd wins Face-offs. There, see? Not totally useless. Sign him up, Kenny! Otherwise...? Is Arron Asham a FA this year? Yes? Well, there ya' go. No off-season discussion would be complete without his name in the cards, amirite?
  2. Kp-Wings

    Brian Rafalski announces retirement after 11 NHL seasons

    Great news. Now we can re-sign Lilja.
  3. Kp-Wings

    Your preferred era of play/officiating?

    The 80's. For whatever reason, the clutching and grabbing wasn't (or didn't seem) as blatantly obvious as it became during the 1995-2004 era. You didn't seem to have a bunch of guys who would just latch their sticks onto another player, and literally be ferried down the ice (which, as we know, was a huge problem during the Dead Puck era). Maybe I'm biased (I do love 80's hockey, for a number of reasons), but I thought the officiating seemed more balanced then than it does now. You had clutching, hooking, and all that jazz... but it wasn't as over the top as the late 90's/early 00's was, nor was it as overly strict as the game has become post-lockout.
  4. Kp-Wings

    Versus fires 29 people

    All the more reason to me to continue syncing the Wings radio feed whenever they play on Versus. Pierre McGuire? Oh man... it's like bad just completely bypassed worse, and went straight to unbridled crap. Don't we get enough of that guy already?
  5. Kp-Wings

    Wings Have To Toughen Up Soon

    Hah! Don't make me laugh. Sorry, but big does not = tough. At no point, other than the occasional rare fight, have I seen Ericsson display a true mean streak. I'd say he's about as intimidating as Eric Daze.
  6. Kp-Wings

    Enforcer Poll

    Ah... couldn't have said it any better myself. If the Wings *wanted* to sign George Parros or Derek Boogaard, you wouldn't see any objection from me. I'll value an enforcer over the likes of Jiri Hudler any day of the week, and twice on Sunday... and that's just my opinion.
  7. Kp-Wings

    Jiri Hudler Watch Thread

    That was LOW. Ahh... forget McRae anyways. I was always a Behn Wilson kind of guy myself.
  8. Kp-Wings

    Weekend Picks

    Friday: Montreal @ Washington Boston @ Buffalo Florida @ Detroit NY Islanders @ Minnesota Colorado @ Vancouver Philadelphia @ San Jose Saturday: Calgary @ Los Angeles Washington @ Toronto Detroit @ Montreal Buffalo @ Ottawa Florida @ NY Rangers Tampa Bay @ Carolina Pittsburgh @ Atlanta NY Islanders @ St Louis Columbus @ Nashville New Jersey @ Dallas Philadelphia @ Phoenix Chicago @ Edmonton San Jose @ Anaheim Sunday: Tampa Bay @ Atlanta Chicago @ Vancouver
  9. Kp-Wings

    Weekend Picks

    Friday: Minnesota @ Washington NY Islanders @ Carolina Anaheim @ Columbus Calgary @ Buffalo Los Angeles @ Atlanta Toronto @ Chicago Saturday: NY Rangers @ Ottawa Calgary @ Toronto Washington @ New Jersey Buffalo @ Philadelphia NY Islanders @ Florida Anaheim @ Detroit Boston @ Pittsburgh Los Angeles @ Tampa Bay San Jose @ St Louis Montreal @ Nashville Dallas @ Phoenix Vancouver @ Colorado Sunday: Minnesota @ Carolina Edmonton @ Atlanta San Jose @ Chicago
  10. Kp-Wings

    Weekend Picks

    Friday: NY Islanders @ New Jersey Toronto @ Carolina Philadelphia @ Buffalo Washington @ Florida Vancouver @ Dallas Chicago @ Colorado Saturday: Nashville @ Los Angeles Buffalo @ Boston Detroit @ Toronto Tampa Bay @ Montreal New Jersey @ Ottawa Atlanta @ NY Islanders St Louis @ Philadelphia Florida @ Washington Carolina @ Columbus Dallas @ Minnesota NY Rangers @ Calgary Phoenix @ Anaheim Pittsburgh @ San Jose Sunday: St Louis @ Atlanta Edmonton @ Colorado
  11. Kp-Wings

    Weekend Picks

    Friday: NY Islanders @ Washington Pittsburgh @ Columbus Toronto @ Buffalo NY Rangers @ Minnesota Montreal @ Chicago Florida @ Dallas Vancouver @ Anaheim Colorado @ San Jose Saturday: Edmonton @ Boston Carolina @ Philadelphia Atlanta @ Ottawa New Jersey @ Tampa Bay Toronto @ Montreal Buffalo @ NY Islanders Minnesota @ Pittsburgh Florida @ St Louis Dallas @ Nashville Anaheim @ Phoenix Detroit @ Calgary Sunday: Boston @ NY Rangers San Jose @ Carolina Columbus @ Washington Colorado @ Vancouver
  12. Kp-Wings

    Weekend Picks

    Friday: Florida @ Pittsburgh Minnesota @ St Louis Carolina @ Colorado Saturday: NY Rangers @ Montreal Boston @ Ottawa Washington @ NY Islanders Florida @ Philadelphia San Jose @ Atlanta Toronto @ Vancouver New Jersey @ Pittsburgh Buffalo @ Tampa Bay Dallas @ St Louis Carolina @ Minnesota Nashville @ Chicago Detroit @ Colorado Los Angeles @ Phoenix Edmonton @ Calgary Columbus @ Anaheim Sunday: San Jose @ Philadelphia Columbus @ Los Angeles Edmonton @ Vancouver
  13. Kp-Wings

    Weekend Picks

    Friday: Atlanta @ New Jersey NY Islanders @ Buffalo Philadelphia @ Florida Boston @ Dallas Vancouver @ Calgary Minnesota @ Edmonton Saturday: Atlanta @ Buffalo NY Rangers @ Toronto Ottawa @ Montreal Carolina @ New Jersey San Jose @ NY Islanders Nashville @ Washington Colorado @ Detroit Los Angeles @ Columbus Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh Dallas @ Chicago Boston @ Phoenix Minnesota @ Vancouver St Louis @ Anaheim
  14. Kp-Wings

    Franzen out 4 months with torn ACL

    Bertuzzi and Filppula need to step up now, more than ever. Even more so, the defense, goaltending, and PK essentially need to play with the desperation that they showed last night every night, since the offense will be spread too thin to make up for poor defensive mistakes (like last season).