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    Volleyball, Hockey-duh, music, Nascar, and anything else that usually sounds like fun. Dale Earnhardt and Earnhardt Jr. are my fave NASCAR drivers. I also am a Uof M girl. Go blue! I'll even admit to love reading: I love the Harry Potter books and not afraid to admit it!

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  1. That's great for Meech but bad for Lebda. I like them both but hey, Meech should get a shot if he looks better for it.
  2. OMG I didn't even notice that! Must've been one of those Freudian slips. It's not my fault he i and u are right next to eacother.
  3. OMG they scored!!!! They finally scored. No s*** out for you Hernadez. 3 more would be nice Wings.
  4. If he/she is I gotta say that's some fantastic medicaton.
  5. Well get a new deck of cards buddy.
  6. Commmmmmmme on Oz!!!!
  7. OMG that image is funny.
  8. I think he should share that fire with some of his team mates so the Wings can get a goal already.
  9. Alright, I want names people. Who's bright idea was it to put a post there. God I hate that sound when it's from a Wings shot.
  10. I wish it was set up so you could vote for yourself or Daffy Duck or something cause that would be funny. "Well lets see who you veote for your favorite after the 1st intermission: Dats Zata and Daffy Duck's in the lead."
  11. I second that! I always feel better when they are together.
  12. To answer your questions: not sure myself, probably, not sure who would go, probably not inspiration more like putting the fear of God into them and it's a long walk home when your not on the bus or plane speech.
  13. Ty!!! Normally I like having you as a goalie but you missed that by a mile you son of a biscuit!!!! Catch the puck. It's that little black thingie that whips right past you!