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  1. HenrikRules40

  2. Steve Yzerman named TB's new GM

    I say we rip down his banner from the Joe until he gives us Vinny Lecavalier.
  3. Members photos

    I say we have a debate over whether I was serious or not. Ok go!
  4. Members photos

    I was talking about all the ugly boys!
  5. Members photos

    There are some pretty hideous looking members too.
  6. 2,000 Posts for Game 7 Win

  7. How will this series end predictions

    Is it sad that this is the first time I've smiled since I was at the pre-game skate yesterday?
  8. Green Man suits next to the LA sin bin

    It sounds like you're saying boy's hole.
  9. Official Playoff Bracelet Thread

    What do you mean "on their own?" I'm pretty sure we did do them on their own. Please don't be that guy. You know what I mean.
  10. Official Playoff Bracelet Thread

    Lol I just saw this. I'm such a slacker. Ok...carry on. Not that it matters but I'm sticking to a bright red mani/pedi throughout the playoffs for us.
  11. Please don't go there! You'll ruin it! He's my favorite player. You're ruining it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Kovalchuk traded to New Jersey

    Ewwwwwwwwwwww he's so creepy! As for NJ, this is the first time I wanna see them play. Maybe I'll make a trip out there.
  13. Members photos

    That's such a great picture!!! You look great Jen! Congratulations to both of you.
  14. Lilja Potentially Close to Returning?

    You're too kind. And frankly, a liar. Anyway, if Lilja comes back will be get a free pass to play to his standard or will we slaughter him if he doesn't embody Lids? Seriously, are we just collectively putting too much hope into him? My theory is, keep expectations low. Be pleasantly surprised. Oh Lilja stepped on the ice and we only have one goal against? Better than two, right? (Be nice to me. I'm in an emotionally abusive relationship with the Red Wings.)
  15. Lilja Potentially Close to Returning?

    You have a very good point.