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  2. OsGOD

    Members photos

    our puppy
  3. OsGOD

    Post Everytime You Look

    lol this thread is still going.... wicked awesome!
  4. OsGOD

    Members photos

    Here is a picture of my Wife and I at Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party on our DISNEYmoon
  5. Enjoying the Married Life.... 11.12.11

  6. OsGOD

    Post Everytime You Look

    its been a while... and probably a longer while to come back here lol 14days left of work in 2011! Honeymoon in 17days AND who else loves that new t-mobile commercial... girl in pink dress singing "walkin in an Orgy wonderland"
  7. OsGOD

    Members photos

    Got a new Canon Rebel T3i as a wedding present... now if only i could remember how to post pictures.... its only been a year or so since i have been on here lol but until then you have my avatar and this awesome vid of our Wedding http://video214.com/...ecmHw6gw/s/dark
  8. ha yeah i am doing fine... just been away from the wings and all

  9. Ahhh sorry! I moved house and was without net for ages! hope you're ok xxx

  10. OsGOD


    Plymouth fan here also. I used to get free tix all the time when I lived in northville but since I moved to Bloomfield hills I have been turning them down bc I don't wanna deal with traffic on 275 s. To answer your question, I have watched all of round 1 vs kitchner on comcast channel 900. s***ty reception being non-hd, but get to watch the game
  11. OsGOD

    LGW Fit Club

    I need to get back into Gym mode... I have been out of it, but now the countdown is down to just over a year before the wedding.... so i gotta get my slim on haha At work i never take the elevators (work on 3rd floor) and park in the farthest spot (don't want my new car dinged) so i get some exercise. used a pedometer and found that in 9 days at Disney we walked 48miles.... pretty damn impressive!
  12. OsGOD

    Post Everytime You Look

    is it friday yet?
  13. OsGOD

    Random Discussion Thread

    No kidding... I found it 2.99 at a BP just north of Dixie Highway and telegraph on the way to Great Lakes Crossing. its even more important i get the 5% cash back using the card Its been right around 2.90ish all summer around me. Going down to Florida in October I was hoping for some relief, but really it was pretty consistently high all the way south. Which has now made it more cost efficient to fly down there for our honeymoon rather than drive. ah well, its also a savings of time (4 hour RT flight vs 38 hour car ride) lol if it wasn't so economical to drive $$'s wise, this would be a no brainer lmao
  14. OsGOD

    Random Discussion Thread

    why are gas prices in michigan averaging $.20 more a gallon this week (up to $3.19 reg) when yahoo is reporting that the rest of the nation has an average of $2.83 a gallon of regular... wtf is up with that??? Thank god my car gets 40 mpg
  15. OsGOD

    Members photos

    as promised here are the most recent pictures... Had our engagement shoot on 10.31.10 This is a video montage http://video214.com/play/6k413tULCY4AU0rQmC3f8A/s/dark Here are some of the pics: