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  1. The last time the Leafs were as big of an underdog in the first round was 2001 when they got in on the last weekend and everyone said Ottawa would sweep them, well, the Leafs swept Ottawa. Unlike that year I think the Leafs will manage to win one game and that will probably be it. Still think Washington will trip over themselves just not in this round.
  2. It was a perfect sendoff for the Joe. Wish I could have been there, the crowd as the game was winding down was awesome. As for the ceremony after, it brought back a flood of memories watching the Wings in my younger days. Would have to say my two favorite moments at the Joe would be the March 26th game against the Avs and winning the Cup in 97.
  3. There are some good coaches available now, Gallant, Ruff, that probably won't be available next summer, If it were me I'd be making a move now and replacing Blashill.
  4. Drapes bangs in the rebound 4-3 Wings!
  5. Legace with a big save late.
  6. just like old times.
  7. Domi ties it for the Leafs
  8. Darcy Tucker makes it a one goal game early in the third.
  9. Watching Lidstrom and Murphy paired up on D brings back a ton of memories of the 97 cup final.
  10. Clark bangs in his own rebound to get the Leafs on the board.
  11. Shanny! 3-0
  12. 2-0. Larionov with a nice move on Cujo!
  13. Lidstrom with the first goal of the game!
  14. I was thinking the same thing.
  15. Scoreless after one. Didn't think that would happen.