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  1. a Tuesday night against CBus eh? be on the lookout for an extremely empty lower bowl!
  2. ask me at Thanksgiving.
  3. gdt

    Mrazek = wow
  4. It did not look good on TV that's for sure. I was waiting for the seats to fill, but it never happened. I know these seats are "sold" but it's so frustrating that some people are so wealthy that they don't even think to give them away. It's so easy now to transfer tickets via email...
  5. gdt

    so many empty seats....looks terrible on TV....
  6. gdt

    Chris Cuthbert play by play on NBC Sports. Reminds of CBC, circa the 1980s, i'll take it.
  7. signed

    wow, I can't believe he agreed to only a 3yr deal, seems like a really good situation for us.
  8. GDT

    their flight landed at 12:44am last night so they had a chance to get a decent night sleep....http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N682RW
  9. wtf is going on here?
  10. GDT

  11. GDT

    defibrillator time!
  12. GDT

    severely unlucky Luke
  13. "Franzen has five goals and six assist for 11 points in the five games since the Olympic break"