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Found 18 results

  1. Dominator2005

    Detroit Scouting Tyutin Don't want Your thoughts
  2. pondrocket


    Honestly I have become unaware of what happened to Derek. I was familiar with him in his younger years. Back in the day he was a bigger, respectable defensemen with som offensive upside. At one point he was a pretty desirable guy, even moreso than Niskinin is now. Injury? bad teams? loose his drive? I appreciate any viewpoint.
  3. Guest

    Upgrade The Defense Rumours

    In fighting for a playoff spot Ken Holland's seat this year has been a little hotter then usual, though injuries have played a HUGE roll. IMO the Redwings can compete for the Stanley Cup. They have a deep enough team and have shown they can beat elite teams. Ken Holland's philosophy is to not overpay via trades. It is to build through the draft and in free agency. Unfortunately in todays NHL you will most likely have to over pay to acquire via trade. Teams do not like giving up proven assets. Why would they? Ken Holland would like to upgrade and has supposedly inquired about a few defenseman. Who knows if he is just "kicking tires". These are the "speculated" prices of these following defenseman. Please don't drill me and keep in mind the following are completely "rumors". Christian Ehrhoff- A puck moving defenseman that is signed through the 2020 2021 season. Would help with the transition game in moving the puck. The asking price is speculated to be: 1st,2nd or 1st and mid-level prospect. Mark Giordano- At the age of 30 the newly appointed Calgary Flames captain is emerging into a top NHL defenseman. A top pairing player that was close to making team Canada. Signed through 2015 2016 season at a cap friendly number. This is a move that could help the Flames rebuild. The asking price is speculated to be: Jurco, 1st, Sheahan/Ouellet. Zach Bogosian- A young 23 year old defenseman with a lot of potential that he may or may not cash in on. He is a very athletic player that has yet to find his game. Before the hiring of their new coach, Manger Kevin Cheveldayoff was looking to make a move. The Jets are only looking for roster players. The asking price is speculated to be: Smith, Nyquist/Tatar, plus. Alex Edler- Rumour has it last year the Redwings brass offered Nyquist, 1st, plus something for Edler. With the situation in Vancouver Edlers price has dropped. He is a good puck moving defenseman that plays well with support. He is a very inconsistent player, but would for sure help out the struggling Redwings powerplay.The asking price is speculated to be: Jurco and a 1st or Jurco and a high-level prospect. Dan Girardi- In the 2013 NHL shortened season Girardi led the league in blocked shots. He is a solid defensive defenseman who can contribute offensively, unlike Brad Stuart. If not able to reach a deal with the Rangers the asking price is speculated to be: Jurco, 1st, plus The prices are steep, but an upgrade on defence would be huge. The Redwings clearly need another piece on the blueline and why wait? Ken Holland has acknowledged that and now we all wait and see if he feels its time to trade prospects for a proven player. The Redwings can compete, but keep in mind that other contending teams will be getting better by adding pieces at the deadline. With the break and not much to talk about what do all of you think about this? What would you do? edit- bolded players*
  4. jthiel86

    ESPN says....

    ESPN says we are probably out of the running for Vanek and Moulson due to them both being rentals. Burnside says we are most interested in a depth player for defense. He does says, that we will be closely watching Ryan Kesler before Wednesday and if the price is right we might try and swing that trade. So, what do we think? Do we even want Kesler? I have mixed feelings. I've been reading about him and his past and I've see him play enough. As a player, he can be a flopper, yet can be explosive. He seems like a prima donna. I just don't know. His skills could be off the charts, and Babs wouldn't put up with much of that kind of attitude would he? What are our thoughts on this?
  5. Dominator2005

    Rangers could be shopping Girardi

    The New York Rangers have been trying to shake up their roster, but GM Glen Sather hasn't been able to pull the trigger on a trade. Sather has been actively shopping defenseman Michael Del Zotto, and the Ottawa Sun reports blueline Dan Girardi is also available. Girardi, 29, is in the final year of his current contract and can become an unrestricted free agent next summer. The NHL is currently in a roster freeze, which is lifted at 12:01 am, Dec. 28. Several teams have expressed an interest in Del Zotto, but the Rangers are looking for upgrades and want to package Del Zotto in a deal for a top-tier player. According to the Sun, the Rangers are willing to entertain calls for just about anyone except Rick Nash, Henrik Lundqvist and Chris Kreider. The Rangers had been fielding calls for Kreider earlier in the season, but it appears he's no longer on the block. Sather would like to keep Girardi, but he might be entertaining offers if he finds himself unable to sign the former All-Star to a contract extension. Your thoughts/offers? Discuss
  6. RyanBarnes!

    Possible Red Wings & Canadiens trade?

    Found this comment on that I found notewhorthy. "Today @ 8:48 AM ET Bergevin and Holland have talk alot at GM'S meeting. Markov, Diaz, Weber, Abdelkader and Filppula have been discussed." I know it is not even a rumor, but to me this sounds like a typical Holland move, that's what scares me. Plus, there's no secret that Detroit has coveted Markov. Maybe a potential two for one swap? I notice Montreal seem to have decent depth at defense. I certainly hope this is nothing though. I don't think this deal would help Detroit at all.
  7. I found this very, very interesting: On TSN, McKenzie talked about Iginla -Rumors that Iginla has given Calgary a list of 3 teams (PIT, DET, VAN), another says it's a 5 Team List (Including BOS, LAK). McKenzie says he cannot confirm that a list has been presented. -Says that the process for trading Iginla has begun. -Said that, brace yourselves HF, he likens the situation to Rick Nash in that Iginla is driving the trade. If Iginla doesn't want to go/is overly restrictive of where he's willing to go, it could not happen.
  8. DetroitRedWings1993

    Holland looking around

    Just heard per The Fourth Period that Holland has been working the phones "for the past couple of weeks" looking for "some secondary scoring help and a top-tier shutdown defenseman". I certainly agree with the first half, but the last part is only half of the defenseman we need. We have enough guys who claim to be good defenders who either A) can't stay on the ice or B) just aren't as good as they should be. That second half should go more like "a solid, top-pairing, two-way defenseman". Too bad those are about as rare as unicorns these days.
  9. DetroitRedWings1993

    J.M. Liles potentially available

    According to ESPN via Terry Koshan of the Toronto Star, the rumor is that the Leafs could move John-Michael Liles before the trade deadline. He's been a healthy-scratch for four games in a row. He's a solid defenseman when playing the way he should. Not the top-flight #1 we need, but it's a step in the right direction. Again, all depends on which Ken Holland is working the phones: the one willing to make deals to improve the roster, or the one who sits on his money and does nothing while everyone around him gets better.
  10. DetroitRedWings1993

    As if this point needed more reinforcing Ok Ken, we get it. You're going to sit on your butt at the deadline and use parity and injuries as excuses to do that. Honestly, this is both the media's fault for posing the question so many times to him and Holland's fault for saying the same thing over and over again. Even when the injury list clears out (which won't be for a while anyways), this team still won't be able to score goals. I don't understand why people think a guy who disappoints consistently (Filpulla), two broken down old men (Bertuzzi, Samuelsson), one third-line grinder (Helm), and one injury-plauged #4-#6 defenseman (Colaicovo) is going to fix the fact that our offense blows donkey rod. The same core group that couldn't score at all since halfway through last season is still together. But hey, we're the Red Wings. We put the "together" in "getting the band back together".
  11. DetroitRedWings1993

    Trade deadline has ended before it even begins Well, I guess that's the end of that. I could spout off for about 5 pages on this, but I won't I'd rather let you guys take over from here. Suffice it to say, this is one of the only 5 sentences Holland seems capable of saying lately. Anyone who "likes our team" and thinks that "getting healthy players back will be like making trades and will be our deadline additions" is living in La-La Land. This team is far from good enough to even consider such ridiculous inactivity.
  12. DetroitRedWings1993

    O'Reilly signed to CGY offer sheet

    Well, the Ryan O'Reilly saga is almost over. He'll either be in Colorado or Calgary for the next two years. Offer sheet reads 2 years and 10 mil. But, it's the distribution of the salary that's scary. Next year, on this deal, O'Reilly is due 6.5 mil. That's a huge cap hit for someone still so unproven. Calgary continues to resist a full rebuild and they might just be wasting O'Reilly's talent on a team languishing in mediocrity. In Colorado, at least O'Reilly has a chance to make it with a young team. It all depends on if Colorado matches. If you ask me, the relationship is very strained between the two but Colorado needs to match this offer sheet. They can't afford to lose O'Reilly this way. Sure, they'd get some draft picks from the Flames, but if O'Reilly turns out to be the star he's projected to be, the Avs need him in a Colorado sweater when he does. Greg Sherman needs to show that he's the bigger man, put all the pouting and BS behind him, and get this player signed and on the ice. This is ridiculous. So, what does this mean for us? Well, it means there's one less option available (even if it wasn't very viable to begin with) for a scoring forward to help stabilize the 5-on-5 offense and improve the power-play. Honestly, I'm just glad it's all over and I don't have to hear how dumb Ken Holland is for not mortgaging his future and handcuffing himself to a guy who, honestly, is very raw and unproven. A guy who had 18 goals last year should NOT be making 6.5 mil in a season. Damien Brunner is making less than a third of that and has scored more than half of that output in a condensed half-season. Would I have given O'Reilly a try for a realistic price? Absolutely. But, we need those draft picks to get more talent on the farm. And trading for O'Reilly? No thanks. The price was reportedly astronomical.
  13. DetroitRedWings1993

    Recent Weiss rumors seem to be bogus

    Saw via The Hockey Chat on Twitter that the Wings were at first very interested in Stephen Weiss, then had a formal offer on the table. Heard a prospect and a draft pick, tentatively. Now, back to reality, and why I think this is total BS. By the time most of you read this post, the tweet in question will be about three days old. Not only that, but the Wings showed virtually no interest in Weiss whatsoever before three days ago. Also, this is a Twitter-generated rumor (as I can't find any major sports news outlets who have picked up on it), which usually means it's horse-dookie. I've had enough of Twitter-generated nonsense over last summer up until now to see this is fake. He's 29, which is decent age, and has a ton of skill and plays a good 2-way game. In short, the price is going to be high. Granted, his struggles will drive the price down a little. But, it's all a moot point considering I highly doubt the Wings are interested, much less have an offer on the table. Would he help? Sure. Will the Wings get him? I'm really sorry to pull an Ansar Khan on you guys and be extremely negative about this, but I doubt it. Honestly, they haven't shown me they have the ability to make anything but no-name moves lately. I don't have much confidence anything changes. Probably another trade deadline that should be slept through. It's going to be a long, painful ride back to the bottom, if I judge it correctly. Hopefully, the Dead Wings don't come back for very long.
  14. DetroitRedWings1993

    Probably no interest in Whitney

    I heard via Elliote Friedman today that the Wings probably won't be going after Ryan Whitney. While I do agree that he's too bruised and injury-prone to be of much use anymore, this tells me something. After the reported weeks of phone calls looking for help, all that's come out of that is who we aren't going after? I mean, come on. This team has lost 4 games in a row in ugly fashion. Surrendered multiple leads and just came out awful against Nashville. If this were an 82-game season, a 4-game losing streak is understandable and not insurmountable. But, it's not. It's a 48-game season. Four games is 1/12th of the season, and that's a much larger chunk than normal. Points are at an even greater premium than they usually are. You don't get too many more four-game stretches to make it up. Whitney wouldn'tve been the answer anyways, but it's what this news means rather than the name associated with it. I think this team needs some moves to change things up and get the mood turned around. This team is defeated very easily, the effort is clearly not always there, and sometimes they look like they just don't care. And I don't see the injury excuse as being valid anymore. If that's what everyone is resorting to, we've basically given up on the season before it's even over. Injuries happen to everyone, not just us. When injuries occur, you fill the holes. It's that simple. Don't whine because you have a few boo-boos. Bryan Murray was making calls before Spezza and Karlsson went down. Now, he's working to fill the holes. I'm just wondering how long this has to go on before someone springs to action. This team is hard to watch sometimes. I can't remember the last time I could honestly say that about a Red Wings team.
  15. DetroitRedWings1993

    Any Red Wings rumors at all?

    Just kicking the tires on the rumor mill to see if there's anything going on at all. Anyone who watched that game last night knows that something has to be done about the power-play. A scorer and a top-line, two-way D-man to run the power-play...our same needs as last offseason.
  16. Dominator2005

    Yandle on the trade block HEAR AND THERE Available by trade: Phoenix defenceman Keith Yandle, he of the long-term contract ... Discuss
  17. Dominator2005

    Milan Lucic could be available One name -- and it may not be for Yandle or Ryan -- that keeps popping up when I talk to scouts around the league as possibly being available is Milan Lucic. However, Lucic recently signed a three-year extension for $6 million per season that starts in 2014, which might be hard to sell in the trade market. I'd also keep an eye on Andrew Ference as trade bait as his contract is up next season. I wonder with his heavy involvement in CBA talks and the NHLPA if Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs may not want to throw more money at him.
  18. Wingsfan72

    Kovalev returning to NHL?

    Per TSN: Wouldn't mind picking him up for a cool mil if Holland ends up moving some players.