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O's fire Lee Mazzilli

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i saw this earlier on tv...something must have happened internally...who really expected them to finish any better then 3rd in the division...also with a lot of injuries to the pitching staff...mazzilli must have pissed someone off pretty high up on the ladder for him to get fired in his first season like this...just seems that way to me

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mazzili's not a good manager. that's why he got fired. the team's currently in free-fall mode, havign dropped 3.5 behidn toronto.

the orioles should have finished third if the sox and yanks performed liek the sox and the yanks.

but neither of the eastern powerhouses have. suddenly, mazzili can't handle a team that features, now healthy, lopez, miggy, mora, ryan, and roberts, who was an all-star.

the freefall coincides with the fall of roberts and the decline of others, but if one wishes to put any worth into the managerial position, then the manager must take responsibility when his team drasticalyl underperforms at such a pace that it is well out of contention at the beginning of august in what has becoem the easiest division in the american league.

and to reiterate the point, this team is 4th in the easiest division in the al. yanks and sox haven't been dominant this year. hell, neither even leads the wild card.

additionally, a team liek the orioles has even less excuse to finish behind a halladay-less toronto team. even moreso, this team has no excuse to be 4 games under 500 and BEHIND DETROIT IN THE WILD CARD RACE.

injuries affect everyone. mazzili failed. he didn't know what to do when a team slumped, and he was unable to harness incredibel talent.

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