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  1. Drew....I don't dislike you or anything...but you were a fourth liner on one of the worst teams in the league....I don't foresee teams jumping to trade for you
  2. Disgusting by AA, kronwall and eventually mrazek
  3. I'm clearly in the minority here.....sometimes a shot just is better than the goalie. top corner slap shot from point blank from a right handed dman over the glove....good shot if you wanna ***** about the 2nd goal....definitely.... the first goal....maybe (bit of bad luck on that one but still not good) I also didn't think that should have been a penalty on the Z slash....he barely even touched his stick....certainly wasn't a two hander...those sticks are garbage and break as soon as they have a knick in them.
  4. this is absolutely priceless......I almost spit out my coffee on the screen. hahahahaha
  5. real speed to me he had control....slo mo not so much
  6. Soooooo many goals in the last couple of weeks in off our own players
  7. top 3 is what we are oh so close to
  8. it'll be very difficult to make it. not only are we not good but there are too many teams to leapfrog.
  9. I just saw the disallowed goal due to goalie interference. to me that's a terrible call. that puck was going in anyway. smith's gentle shove did not push that puck across the line.
  10. i agree with what everyone has said....wings can beat anyone at any point but not with regularity....that is the epitome of a bad team though. and yes, I feel we play much better against the west than we do the east....in their minds it's still a division rival it seems. I truly hope for competitive games but losses.....we can secure that 3rd pick if we try hard enough
  11. Coreau is in???? my has mrazek fallen!
  12. Ya i get that mantha is in the box but any PP with glendening and or sheahan on the ice....no wonder we're 30th
  13. if Holland can land OEL then go ahead or someone similar
  14. that is extra s***ty....I'm going to the game april 1. looks like I will be seeing a very tired team with the fam....kids first and only game at the joe
  15. while I'm not missing any games or anything like that, I'm quite disappointed in getting 2 points. I'm really hoping for a bottom 3 finish at best. I would like to see some changes to this team.