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Who will be the goalie we acquire?

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Who are we going to get?  

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  1. 1. Who are we going to get?

    • Osgood
    • Denis
    • Thibault
    • Dunham
    • Cechmanek
    • Biron

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Pretty simple topic.....


who is it going to be....

I am really hoping we get Denis or Thibault, i think one of the those two could shine if they were surrounded by talent........

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If only Cujo was available within the cap. wink.gif

The Osgood/Lagace platoon worked from 98-00.

Thibault certainly will want a tad of revenge against the Hawks.

Speculation is fine but this cap SH#T gives me a headache! ph34r.gif

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Can't we just move Legace up and spend elswhere right now?

Here's the key: >> If needed make a move at the trade deadline and steal one from ANY of these small market teams that are currently making long term mistakes.

90% of the moves over the last few weeks are going to "fail". Most small market teams will be doing the exact same thing a year from now.

The Wings can relieve them of a goalkeep at their leisure at a later date. Maybe for a bargain.

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