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Sick of Trade Rumors

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I think this topic will stir up some good conversation.

I am so sick of all these so-called Trade Rumors that never go through. First, we were going to get Khabi............didn't happen. Then we were going to get a few different Leafs players (even Sundin was listed as a possiblilty). Now I hear, let's trade Drapes. Thats almost as depressing as when we lost Mac.

I've heard a good one would be Datsyuk for Heatly. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but that might not be a bad idea, seeing is that two new teems might have better luck getting each of them cheaper.

Please respond to this topic, with TRADE RUMORS that are actually somewhat legit. Also, put down what lines you could see them potentially playing on.

Cheers, and GO WINGS!

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Datsyuk for Heatley? That's rich. I don't see how either team really benefits, I think they're both equally talented. (maybe a little more so for Heatley, but that's a personal opinion)

But the fun thing is that trade rumors are like a train wreck, you can't look away.

Eklund is by far the most fun. I think he had CuJo signed with four different teams or something.



an hour later...



you get the idea.

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