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  1. Barrie

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    I can get us back on topic, ha. Great move by Yzerman. I was all in on Kane, IF he signed 1 year, so I'm very happy We should make the playoffs as a Wild Card, now. On paper we have the 4th best team in the Division, behind Boston, Florida, and Tampa. Yes, I know I'm saying we have a better team than the Leafs. We do! The Leafs D sucks, and they're a mess.
  2. Barrie

    Without Me Goal Horn

    Yeah too bad you only heard it twice. I was able to hear it 6 times vs. Columbus, 5 goals and after the final horn sounded.
  3. Barrie

    Without Me Goal Horn

    2024 Goal Horn
  4. Barrie

    Section M4 at LCA

    Has anyone sat in section M4 at LCA? The usher that works in that section is great! He gets involved, yells at the team like the rest of us. He also fist bumps everyone before periods start, and after Red Wings goals.
  5. Barrie

    Without Me Goal Horn

    I just have to comment on the new goal horn with the end of Without Me. It's a sound a 7 year old would make when he or she is trying to annoy their older sibling. I love it!
  6. Yeah, the main issue is the goalies, but we knew that going into the season
  7. Fun game, I was there. My first Wings game since 2017-18. I'll be back April 7th vs. Buffalo 8-5-2 is a total disaster?
  8. Barrie

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Leaf fans are very unhappy with Domi and Bertuzzi. I really don't know what they were expecting. They thought they'd come in and be physical, tough, etc., but they're not those type of players. They're more annoying to play against, like a Draper Maltby type. They don't have the size to play a physical game. Plus they're only playing 13-15 minutes a game. The Leafs, who continue to refuse to address their problems on D, instead bring in forwards, are being left behind.
  9. Big win tonight, after being down 2-0. It's a different team this year. In the past down 2-0, we would have just given up and lost 5-1.
  10. Barrie

    2023 Offseason Thread

    I think the Wings are going to surprise a lot of people this year. The people I listen too, other than Damien Cox, no one is mentioning the Wings. All 4 forward lines, and 3 defensive lines are solid. With Boston, Tampa, and Toronto, all on the decline, the Wings will be fighting for a playoff spot. If the Wings start out strong, you'll hear members of the media say, "Uh yeah, yeah, I knew the Wings improved in the offseason". I like to talk about the Leafs, but even with a new GM, they still don't understand they need defensemen. They keep talking about grit, but with all that skill, they need another puck moving defenseman to get the puck to Matthews and Marner, and play big minutes. Bertuzzi and Domi aren't the answer. I don't know what fans are expecting from those two. They really aren't big guys. Anyway it's better to not have attention going into the season. Buffalo and Ottawa have the pressure, the Wings can start the season loose, and ready.
  11. Barrie

    If there was no lottery...

    I think things have turned out ok.
  12. Barrie

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Nylander is gone, and Marner's going to ask for $13 million a year. The Leafs really only have 1 or 2 years left before the decline. They'll turn into Chicago, without any Cups. The Nylander situation is interesting. I'm sure a number of teams would trade for him, but with the Leafs over the cap, there's no rush for the other GM's. The longer this goes, Nylander's trade value goes down. The Leafs will be desperate to get under the cap. I find it funny Dubas took off this off season, before the implosion happens, that he created.
  13. Barrie


    I agree, I'm expecting 30 goals from DeBrincat. One thing I really like, is the last two seasons he had 270 and 266 shots on goal. We need that. Again, social media comments, Sens fans are saying Kubalik isn't much of a downgrade than DeBrincat, and only scored 7 less goals. However, the difference in shots is about 100. Plus he's a UFA, and will he re-sign? I'm guessing if he has a decent season, he's gone. If Sens fans are happy, that's fine with me.
  14. Barrie


    Reading social media comments, some Ottawa fans are happy with the DeBrincat trade, and think they won. I'm glad they're happy, but I'm still shocked Stevie didn't have to trade a big name, or a major prospect. Kubalik and Sebrango weren't in the Wings future plans, they were spare parts. I wasn't expecting Kubalik to be re-signed, and there's no spot for Sebrango As mentioned, I thought after the draft, Raymond or Kasper would have been in a trade for DeBrincat.
  15. Barrie


    How did Yzerman pull off that trade, only having to give up Kubalik, Sebrango, and a couple picks? I thought maybe Raymond or Kasper would have to be included by now. That's why the Larkin contact is so important, only Mo can make more than Larkin.