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  1. lol, great last name. The DJ at the new arena can have fun with it. If we get Foo, the DJ can play Learn to Fly or Big Me when he scores a goal.
  2. Agree. Nosek is 25 next year. Losing a guy 25, who's and only played 17 games in the NHL, isn't much of a loss at all. It's a relief. My guess is Vegas picked from us near the end, and they needed a guy with a low cap hit.
  3. As mentioned, I don't think we have to worry about Vegas taking Mrazek. Fleury's cap hit is $5.75 Million, they won't take Mrazek's with a $4 Million. Raanta's cap hit is only $1 Million, and Grubauer, is a RFA, but his cap hit was only $578,000 last year. I'd guess Vegas will take Raanta as their back up. I assume we're going to lose Sheahan or Ouellet.
  4. I've mentioned this already in this post. I live south of Toronto in Burlington. I'm self employed, so I'm in the car a lot going to appointments. I was shocked at the lack of Leafs gear I saw during the playoffs when I was out. When the Blue Jays started winning in 2015, there was Blue Jays stuff everywhere! Even today, I saw a lot of Blue Jays gear, and only a couple Leafs caps. I know I'm just one guy looking around, but I think the size and the passion of the Leafs fan base is overrated. Maybe in Toronto there's passion, but in the suburbs, there's not much from what I see. The Leafs have lost a generation of fans, and are considered a joke to a lot of people. Also thanks to corporations driving up the price for their tickets, the average fan could never go to a game. I think the Leafs fan base is mostly over the age of 35, and has to work for a corporation, or make $250,000/year to go to a game. It's too expensive to be a Leafs fan. Babs mentioned the fan base and the passion for the team in his post game comments. He said it was nothing like he's ever seen before. I know he has to say that, but there's no way he saw more passion in Toronto for the Leafs, then he did in Detroit for the Red Wings. Again, I'm not anti-Leafs, I was just shocked at the lack of passion where I live.
  5. I agree, it was fine the way it was with 6 divisions.
  6. Ok, makes sense to me. Maybe it'll take a couple decent playoff runs to get the younger hockey fans on board with the Leafs? I would think too, the 2010 and 2014 Canadian Gold Medal wins got the kids interested in guys like Crosby, Toews, and Price. The last 2 years I saw Blue Jays stuff everywhere, so I was expecting to see the same with the Leafs. Maybe if they beat the Caps, more fans will get the gear out. Again, just an observation, I'm not anti-Leafs. If anything, I'm anti-Habs, because of their fans.
  7. Oh man, Caps are going to choke again! I live in Burlington, which is 30 minutes south of Toronto, I'm actually shocked at the lack of Toronto Maple Leafs gear I see when I go out. It was the same way in 2013. I'm sure people in Toronto are excited, but here in the southern suburbs, there seems to be no interest in the Leafs. I'm wondering due to the Leafs lack of success since 2004, and insane ticket prices, if people under 35 cheer for other teams around here? The majority of Leaf fans must be 35 and older (you have to be that old to remember Gilmour, Clark, Sundin, and CuJo), and make at least $250,000/year to afford tickets. People in their teens, 20's, and early 30's must be Red Wings, Penguins, Black Hawks, and Canadiens fans. I've mentioned that to a couple people, and they got mad. If the Leafs win, I don't care, I'm just making an observation. I remember during the Leafs run from 1993-2004, when the playoffs were going on, there was Leafs stuff everywhere, but not now.
  8. I'm glad we didn't sign Parise and Suter, and I was saying it at the time too. With the cap, we would have had to build our team around those guys for 10 years. Suter on his own, would have been fine, but not both.
  9. I've been a fan since 1989-90, so I saw the streak from beginning to end. We can complain all we want about moves we don't like, but think of the players we've lost since 2011, Draper, Holmstrom, Lidstrom, Franzen, and Datsyuk. It's tough to replace those guys.
  10. Here you go, enjoy!
  11. I'm watching home games, because there's only 8 games left at The Joe. The away games, I pass on.
  12. I'm watching, because there's only 9 games left at The Joe! I'm always complaining about the announcers . The problem not watching Mickey and Ken, the other guys always talk about stuff we already know, like Sheahan not scoring a goal yet, the bouncy end boards, the Wings playoff streak is going to end at 25 years, the octopus tradition started in 1952 and the 8 legs represents the 8 wins it used to take to win the Cup, etc.. I'm always going, "yeah, yeah, yeah, I already know that" . I'm annoying to watch a game with!
  13. Vanek is a UFA at the end of the year, and will probably want a 5 year deal. He wasn't coming back. May as well get something for him.
  14. Great game for sure! As a some what older Wings fan, I've been a fan since 1989, Game 3 of the 1997 Stanley Cup final, was I time I remember the Joe going completely nuts, similar to Game 6 in 2011! I'll always remember this goal by Lapointe, I still get chills watching it 20 years later, how he hit the post, scores on a second try a few seconds later, and the reaction of the fans.
  15. Ha! I get it, good one! I hope Goldberg beats Owens on Sunday.