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  1. Barrie

    Five years now no winning team

    Maybe too, our last Cup was ONLY 12 years ago, and we won 4 between 1997-2008. For example, Babcock going to the Leafs, he wanted to be the guy who would bring Toronto their first Cup since 1967. It didn't happen, but still he wanted to be the guy. Again, I would like a new coach, but there's probably not guys lining up to coach the Wings, now.
  2. Barrie

    Five years now no winning team

    I'd like a new coach, but honestly, what good coach would want to come here? Yzerman will probably have to rebuild first, then hire a coach.
  3. Sportsnet, here in Canada, is showing the 11-1 game at Montreal, when we scored 9 against Roy, which sent him to Colorado. Watching this game again, all these years later, Roy had no chance on almost all of those goals. The Russian 5 were all over the ice, there was really nothing he could do. I have nothing else to say other than that, ha! Man, the Russian 5 were good!
  4. Suspending the season put us Red Wings fans out of our misery. I wonder if they'll offer those of us with nhl tv some sort of refund?
  5. Barrie

    GDT - Yzermans Ex @ Stevies current trainwreck - 5:00 PM ET

    One thing I won't miss when the season's over, is this commercial! shows it at almost every break! Soooo annoying! Now you can be annoyed by it too, you're welcome Seeing this commercial all year has been worse than watching the Wings lose!
  6. Barrie

    Larkin Next?

    Some pressure will probably be taken off Larkin after the draft. It's a deep draft, and we'll probably be drafting a franchise player.
  7. Looks like we already won the Green trade. AA left with a lower body injury too.
  8. I think if we get a franchise player in the draft, we'll get coaches interested. I know. It wasn't too long ago that promo was, if a Red Wing scores a hat trick.
  9. After a good coach gets fired, like Gallant, I see all these Wings fans online saying, "Stevie hire him!!". My reply is, "Does he even want to come here now?"
  10. I want Blashill fired too, but who's going to willingly come here now?
  11. My cousin asked me a few months ago if I wanted to go to a Wings game, because he hasn't seen the new arena yet. I said, "No way, I'm not driving 6 hours (3 hours each way) to watch them lose 5-2".
  12. I turned it off after 3-0. I've had enough. Baseball can start anytime. I feel bad for Howard, he's just been awful!
  13. I missed the booing, I stopped watching after the 3rd Devils goal. I guess I didn't have enough pain and agony with nhl tv is season, I signed up for mlb tv to watch the Tigers, ha!