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Peguins Declare Impasse in Arena Talks...

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I don't know why every one is bent on getting the Wings in the East. Detroit is right on the line between being in the East and West. There are lots of good teams in the West, and if they had been in the East all these years, there is no Colorado-Detroit rivalry for all that time. I know playing the orignial six teams mosr would be nice, but that is no reason to root for the Penguins to move to Kansas City, which is absolutely senseless. Kansas City is another Nashville waiting to happen. The problem is the schedule, when we had a balanced schedule, few people were going crazy about Detroit being in the East. We just need to play Eastern teams more often.

The west is boring for one thing. If Chicago was anywhere near respectable, then I would enjoy watching the Wings play the Blackhawks again. And not to mention the fact of all the other boring teams: St. Louis, Columbus, Phoenix, and who could forget Minnesota? While I admit, the east does have the worst team to watch, that being the Devils, but there is so much more out there to watch like Toronto, Montreal, Boston, NY Rangers, Philly, Buffalo, Islanders, etc.

And another thing: The timezone suits the Wings so much better. The Wings just can't win out west. How do you figure the Wings blow a 3-0 lead to San Jose and let it 9 straight goals? I don't think something that dramatic would have happened if San Jose was in the same timezone.

And to cap it off: The Wings-Av's rivalry is no more. There's nothing there. It's just like watching Columbus or any other team now. The only team in the west I consider a true rival is Nashville. Edmonton is not our rival. They suck. After that, I see no possible teams that would really even be considered the Wings rivals. Calgary? They haven't played each other in a playoff series in 3 years. Make that 4 for Anaheim. Not much when you think about it.

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