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CuJo to sign with Calgary or San Jose

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Allright.... IMO Cujo is better than:

Mason (or Ellis) - San Jose

Garon (or Roloson) - Edmonton

Toskala - Toronto

whoever is starting - LA

Budaj - Avalanche

Fleury / Conklin / Thibault - Pittsburgh

Holmqvist - Tampa

Based on play this season, Cujo would have a good chance to start on:

Atlanta, Calgary, Carolina, Colorado, Dallas, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Washington

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No way CuJo signs with San Jose. There needs are secondary scoring (sound familiar?) so adding CuJo is sort've a lateral move for them. They are no closer to winning a Cup with CuJo on the team than they are without him. Nabokov is an elite goalie and will still be the undisputed #1 in SJ even if CuJo was to sign there. For that reason, I don't see Joseph being signed in SJ. Calgary is a better possibility since Kiprusoff, though solid lately, still isn't playing above a .900 SV% but the Flames have been on a roll lately and are seeing improvements from Miikka. Over the last 5 games he's gone 4-1 with a .919 SV%. No way they mess with Kiprusoff's head by bringing in Curtis.

My picks for CuJo's services

Carolina - Ward is not the same goalie as a few seasons back for whatever reason and could use some mentoring.

Pittsburgh - When Conklin comes back down to Earth, that is, if he does.

San Jose has 2 big weaknesses that will doom them in the playoffs again:

1. Coaching/character/maturity whatever you want to call it. The symptons are blowing leads in the playoffs repeatedly, and having the worst home record in the league.

2. No back-up goaltender or not having any faith in their backups. The symptom is that Nabokov plays every single game. He will be worn out by March. - ala Brodeur and Nabokov, though good is not in the same league as Marty.

Interestingly poor coaching has something to do with #2. What coach in his right mind would start the same goaltender every single game. This is just stupidity. You'd think that Wilson would at least put in the back-up against some of the weaker teams.

In summary, San Jose NEEDS Cujo. Of course they won't go after him because the Wilson twins are not that smart.

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I admit it. I'm bummed about this. I was sort of daydreaming about Cujo going to the Pens and helping them to make a more serious playoff run than last year. On days when I was really feeling separated from reality, I may have imagined the glory of a Wings/Pens, Hasek/Cujo final.

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So he has a contract that's a few months long for a team that, at best, might maaaaaybe have a shot at the cup. Is this just an attempt to stay on the radar for a possible job next year?

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