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  1. interminded


  2. interminded

    Members photos

    Congratulations Sir !! You must be one proud Daddy !
  3. interminded

    Who do you cheer for now?

    Boston Red Sox
  4. interminded

    Prayers and Well Wishes for Matt

    Hope you feel better quickly, Matt !
  5. interminded

    Don't blame Howard.. blame Babcock

    Detroit Red Wings' goalie situation tied to Mike Babcock I totally agree. Babcock eliminated the term 'backup' Now, there is none. Thanks Mike.
  6. interminded

    Put Ozzy in.

    0-3, 3.88 GAA, .886 SV% in his last three games. I think you could give Ozzie a shot at it. Even when he's rusty.
  7. interminded

    Jack Adams Nominees

    Babs could have been nominated, but so could a few others have been. They had to choose three coaches, I think these guy are good picks. Tippet achieved something amazing. It should go to him.
  8. interminded

    Jimmy's save without a helmet

    I think the difference with Jimmy is that Salo had to much time to think and therefore ducked. Jimmy's puck to the head was just too quick and screened, so he didn't have a choice really.
  9. All three are very deserving of this award. But just to recognize the less of a household names in the league, it would be nice for a guy like Bryzgalov to get the Vezina.
  10. interminded

    Ozzy for game 4?

    Babcock dug his grave some time ago. This is not about Howard or Osgood. It's not about which goaltender we like or who we prefer in goal. This is about a coach who rendered his backup goaltender virtually useless by keeping him on the bench for an unreasonable amount of games. And that's just poor coaching in my opinion.
  11. interminded

    2010 LGW Playoff Picks Game

    SJS/COL:4-2 CHI/NSH:4-1 VAN/LAK:4-3 PHX/DET:4-3 WAS/MTL:4-1 NJD/PHI:4-3 BUF/BOS:4-2 PIT/OTT:4-0 Western Conference Winner: Detroit Eastern Conference Winner: Washington Stanley Cup Finals Winner: Washington
  12. interminded

    Weekend Picks

    Friday: Philadelphia @ NY Rangers Atlanta @ Washington Detroit @ Columbus Anaheim @ St Louis Chicago @ Colorado Saturday: Carolina @ Boston Edmonton @ Los Angeles Toronto @ Montreal Buffalo @ Ottawa NY Islanders @ New Jersey Pittsburgh @ Atlanta Florida @ Tampa Bay St Louis @ Nashville Dallas @ Minnesota Calgary @ Vancouver Phoenix @ San Jose Sunday: Boston @ Washington NY Rangers @ Philadelphia Detroit @ Chicago Los Angeles @ Colorado Buffalo @ New Jersey Pittsburgh @ NY Islanders 2X Tampa Bay @ Florida Edmonton @ Anaheim
  13. interminded

    How Good Is Howard?

    let's wait till after the post-rookie season to determine how good he is.
  14. interminded

    Ron Hextall wouldn't return their calls, so...

    He still made one of the greatest saves ever in the NHL... imo.
  15. interminded

    Weekend Picks

    Friday: Chicago @ New Jersey Montreal @ Philadelphia NY Rangers @ Tampa Bay San Jose @ Minnesota Edmonton @ Dallas Calgary @ Colorado Vancouver @ Anaheim Saturday: Atlanta @ Pittsburgh Ottawa @ NY Islanders Nashville @ Detroit Boston @ Toronto Buffalo @ Montreal New Jersey @ Carolina NY Rangers @ Florida Washington @ Columbus 2X Dallas @ St Louis Edmonton @ Phoenix Anaheim @ Los Angeles Sunday: Detroit @ Philadelphia Calgary @ Chicago San Jose @ Colorado Minnesota @ Vancouver