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  1. eva unit zero

    Faceoff violation Penalty

    It looked pretty clear on the replay that he swiped it back with his glove (still holding his stick). I guess I'm more upset about no call on either Stoll pounding Cleary's head into the boards, or Penner's takeout hit on Smith. Those no-calls are what decided the game, if anything.
  2. eva unit zero

    Recent Weiss rumors seem to be bogus

    Florida is almost certainly looking to deal Weiss. Weiss played juniors in the area and will likely be underpriced this offseason given his past performance compared to this current season. Detroit has Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Filppula. There is the definite concern of Datsyuk skipping town after his current contract, and Weiss (with an extension) would give the Wings another top-six center to alleviate that issue. Here's why Weiss makes sense: Best-case scenario: Flip and Brunner extend, Datsyuk stays. Worst-case scenario: Flip and Brunner leave as UFA, Dats leaves a year later. Imagine adding Weiss to that group, maybe extended for like $4.5m or so. It certainly makes that "worst-case" look a lot rosier.
  3. eva unit zero


    You mean when he took that faceoff violation penalty on the PK when the Wings were up 1-0? Wait, that wasn't Emmerton...
  4. eva unit zero


    Bouwmeester is Calgary's best defenseman in both ends, and has been playing his best hockey as a Flame this season now that he has a coach (Hartley) who would prefer a skilled, smart, defenseman who can play well positionally and is a skilled skater (Bouwmeester, Niedermayer, Lidstrom, Howe, Keith) rather than a poor skating, stupid, unskilled defenseman whose only form of defense is getting next to a guy who has stopped moving and clobbering him (Gill, Hannan, Chara in NYI). I've been saying about Bouwmeester for a while now a couple things that 1) He'll excel under Hartley (for the reasons I outlined above), and 2) if Detroit gets him, he's the perfect kind of defenseman to pick up because he has speed, he's good in both zones, and he has a ton of skill that Sutter simply didn't feel like using. Sutter had more top-six forwards than most teams but was playing most of them as bottom-sixers. He was using a defense full of skill guys (JBo, Gio, Brodie, Butler) and trying to make them into a bunch of Scott Hannans. Calgary should have a very good season this year, and most people will be like "ERMAGHERD!" But it's simply a matter of getting the right coach together with the right pieces; Calgary has a ton of skilled offensive forwards and some skilled offensive defensemen. If you were to take away Dats or Z, Calgary maybe has a better roster than Detroit (if Kiprusoff doesn't continue being terribad).
  5. eva unit zero

    2/5 GDT : Flames 4 at Red Wings 1

    I'm setting the over/under on Hudler's point total for the Wings game at 1.5, and Zetterberg's over/under will be the same. Any bets?
  6. eva unit zero

    Bertuzzi sues Crawford

    Disagree on the amount. Moore was a quick-skating 21 year-old rookie forward who had scored 12 points in 57 games, was defensively responsible, and was a physical presence. He was drafted in the middle of the second round. So basically, he was more or less comparable to Abdelkader or Helm. If you assume that the average player's career is between 7 and 10 years for a player like that - assuming he never got past that level - that means he's suggesting he would have made an average of $1.5m-$2m per year for his career. That's perfectly reasonable for a player of that caliber and role.
  7. eva unit zero

    A new rival for the Canucks

    I've been discussing and suggesting the 32-team option for a while now, and I agree that Portland is a much better option ideally. Seattle has shown less interest in hockey than Portland has. The one thing that would make Seattle a better option, though? Each team has exactly one major professional sports team. Portland has the Trail Blazers. Seattle has the Mariners. Seattle fans would be far more likely to start supporting a new team, one that didn't have to compete with any other teams in that market, than Portland would ahead of the Blazers. And that's not even considering scheduling complications with the Rose Garden if both teams were to use it. Moving Phoenix to Quebec is as safe an option as leaving them be if corporate sponsorship, favorable arena deal, etc. can be found. Houston is a good market, despite being in the "non-hockey" south. It also provides a natural regional rival for Dallas. Dallas/Houston rivalries exist in other sports and it would likely be a good kick.
  8. eva unit zero

    Rick Nash "available for the right team/price"

    Why? Franzen will be retired by 2016, and his cap hit is actually pretty reasonable for a good top-six forward. Although I agree that Nash's contract is ridiculous. Case in point, this year's stats: Nash: 57 GP, 18-21-39 Hudler: 57 GP, 18-17-35 Now let's compare their ES numbers as Hudler plays the point on the PP and isn't really given any kind of comparable situation to score. Nash: 57 GP, 14-11-25 Hudler: 57 GP, 17-12-29 Ice time at even strength? Nash: 880:57, or 15:27 per game. Hudler: 731:26, or 12:49 per game. Hudler is better defensively than Nash, plays all three forward positions and can play the point on the PP. Nash plays one wing. Yet fans here want to trade high-end prospects AND top picks for Nash's $7.8m lifetime deal, but think bringing Hudler back in the $2.5-$3.5m range would be overpayment? Yes... let's agree to believe that.
  9. eva unit zero

    Tomas Tatar

    Here is why Tatar is perhaps the best forward prospect in the organization, aside from perhaps Jurco who is in juniors. Gustav Nyquist is 22, almost 23. Tatar just turned 21. Pulkkinen just turned 20. Jurco just turned 19. Sheahan just turned 20. Jarnkrok is 20. Mursak and Emmerton were both ranked similarly highly (potential second-liners) and are not much older (both are 23), but they are both on the team now - ahead of Nyquist. Nyquist is looking great in Grand Rapids, no doubt. But he's two years older than Tatar, who is ALSO looking great. Tatar's production at 21 is similar to Hudler's in Grand Rapids. However, Hudler at 22 was far, far beyond what Nyquist is doing and at 23 he was in the NHL with the Wings and putting up strong offensive numbers even on the fourth line. Since then, Hudler has always been one of the league's top 180 scoring forwards at year's end. Tatar is on that path pretty solidly. Nyquist, not nearly as much. Jurco might have an edge up as he's a very good junior prospect and has the size advantage, but Tatar has a definite advantage defensively.
  10. eva unit zero

    Jiri Hudler Appreciation Thread

    Yeah. He's top 60 in the league in goals. Imagine if he were shooting at the level Hudler-haters seem to think he needs to be? Top 30? Top 15? Top 5?
  11. eva unit zero

    Ferraro is the next Helm

    Because if we give the "best defensive forward" award to the best defensive forward, then the MVP award has to go to the MVP. Which rarely happens. Last year the "rightful" finalists finished 4th, 15th, and 16th in Hart voting. It could be the "Jimmy John's" line...
  12. eva unit zero

    Miller Ran again

    No suspension. At most he deserved 2 minutes. He tried to go around Ehrhoff, and couldn't easily do it. He ended up in a situation where he was charging the net hard with the puck and his options were to try and score (and possibly crash into Miller) or to throw himself onto the goal. I bet that would have been amusing.
  13. eva unit zero

    Will Stuart re-sign?

    Not interested in a return of Stuart. He's declining rapidly; he's played well for a few games but he's played poorly for about two years. He would cost the Wings $4m-$5m, and he isn't earning his current deal. Cut him loose, and either replace him with a better, younger defenseman at the same price he does or would make, or go with Lids/replacement, Kronner, White, Smith, Kindl, Ericsson, insert-7th-here.
  14. eva unit zero

    Say Goodbye to the C, Z.

  15. eva unit zero

    11/26 GDT : Predators 1 at Red Wings 4

    The game wasn't in Russia. Mironov is correct. Also, Zednik's incident was pretty scary; too reminiscent of the Malarchuk incident. Malarchuk is why I always wear a guard, even as a forward/defenseman. Trade value is too high not to keep him. Trade him and Miller; no way Miller keeps this up for more than another couple of weeks.