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Hossa's agent is floored by his client's behaviour

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In any work that pays a commission, it's always better to have as much money up front as possible or a guaranteed stream of money. This is why, for example, many health clubs try to get as much money up front out of you as possible, even though you might offer to make payments to cover the fees.

With Hossa signing a one year deal with the Wings, there's more uncertainty. What if he has a subpar season? What if the market changes for some reason, like a salary cap staying the same or even decreasing?

This is less compelling an argument, but the agent does have to do twice as much work to get the same amount of money in the long run than if Hossa just signed a long-term deal up front.

You're right that if Hossa plays as expected and signs a long-term deal with us or someone else, both he and the agent are going to more or less get the same money that they would have had Hossa signed a long-term deal last week.

It's like politians. are they in office to serve us, or to serve themselves? Hossa'a agents job is to best serve Marion, not himself. Follow Marion's wishes. It's a very sad day in America, where he [the agent] is only realizing roughly 2 mil. instead of possibly 20.

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