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ISO - Detroit Red Wings Playoff Games (1992-1995)

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I am looking for these specific games from the WKBD broadcast (Dave & Mickey):

04/26/92 Minnesota 0 at Detroit 3 (Gm 5)

05/06/92 Detroit 4 at Chicago 5 (Gm 3)

04/25/93 Detroit 2 at Toronto 3 (Gm 4)

05/01/93 Toronto 4 at Detroit 3 (OT) (Gm 7)

05/09/95 Dallas 1 at Detroit 4 (Gm 2)

05/11/95 Detroit 5 at Dallas 1 (Gm 3)

05/15/95 Dallas 1 at Detroit 3 (Gm 5)

05/23/95 San Jose 2 at Detroit 6 (Gm 2)

05/25/95 Detroit 6 at San Jose 2 (Gm 3)

05/27/95 Detroit 6 at San Jose 2 (Gm 4)

If anyone recorded these, or has a copy, please let me know? I would like to work out a deal to obtian a copy. Thanks.

Are you still looking for these ??

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Ok. I have a ton of VHS tapes from the 80's/90's. I'll check and see if any are of the games you want.............

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