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Yellow Knight

Osgood's goalie mask

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I though I heard that he has a new one but did not want to use it b/c of how he has played..

But does anyone know of this news??? Is he going to let go of the cage mask and be like all the other goilies?

it wouldnt be the same haha ozzies always sorta known for his old cage helmet but he just never liked the newer ones

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I'm sorry but I don't like all the chaos on goalie masks. Conklin's octopus and Dom's Wing/wheel design is one thing because it represents the team. But Kill Bill and Darth Vader and demons are going overboard. If I were an NHL goalie I would much rather be plain and simple and wear my team logo than have all this meaningless stuff going on.

I'm with you... I think the "simplier is better" works better. Brodeur's is a great example. Some of those mask designs are way too busy.

As for Ozzie's equipment, I thought I heard on TV last year that Paul Boyer was using a contact in Russia for spare cages and helmets for him.

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I recently heard an interview where they said Osgood has a backup supply of the older style mask including a couple they got off e-bay. They don't make that style any more and Osgood wanted enough to last the rest of his career.

good old ebay.

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