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Fleury pursuing charges against Graham James

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From Winnipeg Free Press:

Manitoba's highest court has drastically increased the prison sentence given to notorious child-abusing hockey coach Graham James.

The Court of Appeal announced Friday morning they were overturning the two-year term given last year to James and replacing it with a five-year stint behind bars.

They said the original penalty was much too lenient.


And this one is...?

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I'm not a huge fan of the death penalty, but sometimes, it seems necessary.

While I tend to be okay with the death penalty, I would actually applaud it's implementation for guys like this. Apparently, the newest accuser is a former Swift Current Bronco and the incidents are from 1990-1991. Hang 'em high.

Okay, all that info is in the linked article. I heard it on the news, as Swift Current is the closest city to me. I hadn't read the article when I posted.

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