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  1. Russia/Canada Revisit the Summit Series

    Forty-five years ago today; one event, two images: 28 September 1972. From left: image by Frank Lennon, Toronto Star; image by Denis Brodeur, Montréal Matin. If you look at the lower right, you can see a group of photographers, this is the spot where Frank Lennon and Denis Brodeur shot the goal from.
  2. set to launch Jan. 1.

    I'm guessing that this story, regarding some long overdue "statistical housekeeping", has something to do with NHL 100. From the CBC: Rocket Richard's points total rises to 966 after having assist restored. It's not as if any great injustice was done, but Montreal Canadiens legend Maurice Rocket Richard getting an assist added to his prodigious NHL scoring totals. Six years of poring over scoresheets and summaries of games between 1917 and 1987 by an NHL statistics team has found and fixed more than 6,000 bits of information that were overlooked or misregistered in the league's early eras. ... Also of note... Finding little gems of information like the Richard assist was one product of a massive undertaking to update and modernize the league database, which is to be re-launched this week.
  3. 2017 Stanley Cup Finals: Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    Michael de Adder, Halifax Chronicle Herald.
  4. In appreciation of...

  5. 2017 ECSF Washington Caps vs. Pittsburgh Pens

    Theo Moudakis, Toronto Star.
  6. NHL will not participate in 2018 Winter Olympics

    By Tim Dolighan.
  7. NHL will not participate in 2018 Winter Olympics

    Michael deAdder, Halifax ChronicleHerald.
  8. NHL will not participate in 2018 Winter Olympics

    NHL to keep professionals home from Olympics, send Vancouver Canucks instead
  9. 03/26 GDT: Wild versus Red WIngs - 12:30 pm

    OK, I've dug up some history. Starting with yesterday's game, two rather unusual occurrences will be taking place: 1) Due to the re-scheduling of the Away game of 19/12/2016 v. Carolina to 27/03/2017, 5 games will be played in the same calendar week for only the third time in Club history. Previously, it had happened in both 1954 and 1970. 2) Again, because of this re-scheduled game, 3 consecutive games will be played for only the sixth time in Club history. Previously, it happened in 1953, 1959, 1964,1971 and 1976. That's all I've got.
  10. Can We Please Stop Putting Teams In Unsustainable Cities?

    NHL recommits to keeping Coyotes in Phoenix area; CommissionerGary Bettman says League believes in long-term viability of franchise. It's the gift that keeps on giving!
  11. 02/04 GDT : Red Wings vs Nashville Predators : 8:00 PM ET

    Last night's game tied a Club Record, namely Most One-Goal Shutouts, Season: 6, tying the existing record set in 1954-55. Records in each season, after said games: 1954-55: 3W-3L 2016-17: 2W-2L-2OTL Plenty of time left to break this record.
  12. set to launch Jan. 1.

    NHL's 100 Years In 100 Seconds.
  13. Columbus Blue Jackets

    I heard this from the legendary play-by-play broadcaster Mike Stubbs, during his pre-game before tonight's Sarnia v. London OHL game on AM980, London ON, which i will paraphrase: Saturday's Columbus (14-game winning streak) v. Minnesota (12-game winning streak) game is the first time in NHL history that both teams enjoy current double-digit winning streaks.
  14. Paul Woods tonight 12/29/16

    Paul Woods talks too much fast. Just saying'.
  15. Pilgrimage to Detroit - Must Do Things

    Since the taste-test in the "Hot Dog War" has already been mentioned, I would be remiss as being a Canadian if I didn't offer a visit to the Mariners' Church of Detroit (Free and Independent). After reading this, feel free to admit that you're humming the song.