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NHL the #2 sport in America in 10 years

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yeah....that's funny.

in a sad way.

the simplest explanation about football's domination over all the other sports is that IT IS designed for a casual fan.

12 seconds of action....followed by 45 seconds of replay/analysis explanation of every guys move and the end result.

then do it again.

casual fans don't have to stay focused. they wont miss much.

they can freely get snacks, talk, hit the bathroom, all in between plays.

the hardcore fans follow the discussions, analysis, etc....in between plays....but you can still be mobile during this "down time"

and the other reasons football will continue to dominate...short season, 1 game per week, big fat guys can do it, "so that means i can do it too" and lets go to the backyard and "re-enact the game"

and my personal favorite reason.....we Americans have been programmed to celebrate mediocrity....hence...the personal celebrating for something mildly successful.

p.s. i am a born and raised Michigan- American, and i worshiped football until i was 17 and played quarterback/receiver for 5 years in middle/high school.

this was all before the tumor was removed :blink: and i accepted hockey as my savior. :lol:

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we can Top NBA, Not football, not baseball.

Priority #1 is getting a Hockey guy as commish. Until that happens, there's no hope.

Theres that blame Bettman mentality again. Bettman is a weasel but HE IS PAYED BY THE OWNERS! The owners run this league not Bettman.

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If the NHL can get a national tv deal, then it could maybe pass the NBA and be 3rd. Currently the NHL has better attendance than the NBA. Plus the NHL only works in half of the country, so the chances of the NHL passing the NBA and even getting a tv deal are very low.

The NFL and MLB are king in the USA, and have been for 100 years, no sport will ever pass them.

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