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Red Wings Playoffs 2010

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Assuming we get in, I think it's going to be more about scoring depth than anything. Our goaltending will be fine and out defense and special teams have tightened up well down the stretch but the scoring from our third and fourth lines could pose problems in the playoffs. The last few years we've gotten timely goals from guys like Samuelsson and Hudler but we don't have that anymore. Personally, I dont have a ton of confidence in Williams and Bertuzzi to produce those goals on their own.

I will admit though that I have liked the chemistry between Bertuzzi and Filppula when playing together but lately with Flip playing up on the top two lines the 3rd line of Williams - Miller - Bertuzzi doesn't strike me as a line that is going to produce any goals, let alone timely ones. our 4th line could chip in a goal or two in a series but is that really enough?

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