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First Round Grades

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Kronwall has been playing worse than a B. Also, Howard has had some bad games in the series, so I'd give him a B. Remember that this went 7 games and not 4.

Otherwise, everything else was a fair assessment.

It'll be nice to see the 3rd line actually produce something offensively. Babcock thinks they have great chemistry, but it hasn't amounted to much for a while now.

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I'll probably get ripped for this, but anything above a "C" for Jimmy is being generous. He was either lights out or awful, which amounts to an average grade for me. Don't get me wrong, I thought he was a huge factor in the wins but it goes both ways. He played a major role in the losses too, as the team and Howard himself were inconsistent throughout the entire series.

Other than that, Brad Stuart gets an A+ from me. Don't let the one mistake in Game 6 take away from a brilliantly played series by Stuart.

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Lils did an amazing job this series. I think where Lindstrom might have slacke he came back out and made sure he played mistake free hockey. He was also killer on the PK. I think he was a big surprise to a lot of people. I hope he can carry it over to San Jose!

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