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RWNW: Round 2 Game 2 5/2/2010

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Hey RWNW it looks like it's time for another gathering!

Sunday, May 2nd at 5pm (that's puckdrop)

Wings vs Guppies

You know what that means - my house - unlimited flowing 36 degree newcastle on tap and pizza - what we need is YOUR RSVP, and to bring cash to pitch in for the pizza and beer!

So far the yesses are



Sharomyga and Sergey


Lydia and Jeff

Tyson (Jedi's Friend)

And we've got 7 maybes


So are you comin or what?! :)

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If I ever get my webcam drivers to load, can we come?


Grammar polize drive-by.

That'd be soo cool. I know we've got one or more computer specializing guys... I'll see what I can work out.

We can RWNW World Wide Web action ahahahaha :)

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