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Mike Babcock's pre-game pep talk

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From my buddy's Wings blog, Dirty Games, it's a Mike Babcock motivational speech.

Okay fellas, come on in here for a minute. I've got something just tremendous to say to you.

Men, you are down two opportunities to nothing to the San Jose Sharks. That's twice now that they've just taken the tremendous opportunity to seize the moment and enjoyed it, and twice that you have done just a fantastic job not seizing the moment.

But that's okay. I know all of you play this game for fantastic opportunities like tonight, and I know that our best players are going to do a terrific job seizing that moment.

Besides, I can tell you how we're gonna win fellas, because I've killed a shark before. I have -- it was a great white, I found it in a saltwater tank in a little resort on the coast of Africa. I spent my bonus for our finals appearance last year paying to have the tank constructed and the shark trapped in a net, brought onto a boat and helicoptered in from the ocean. It was just a fantastic opportunity to kill something I had never killed before and I really wanted to just be a part of it...

And it goes on from there. Pretty funny stuff.


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Meh seems more like anti-hunting sports demagoguery than a properly funny Babcock impression.

"We gotta do a way better job of hitting the target with our high powered rifles" etc.

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Guest Lidstromboli

i skimmed through it and didn't see a single usage of "real good"


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