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Sidney Crosby - The most hated player in the NHL

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Yep, whacking your opponent with a stick, slowing him down or tripping him with it, or using it as a weapon by hitting an opponent with the butt-end of the stick or cross-checking him.

Yeah, those are horrible and should not be penalties.

ALL stick penalties should be called. There should never be "while, he didn't slash him THAT hard" or anything like that where the penalty is let go.

In fact, no penalty should ever be let go because "it wasn't that bad" and the player didn't suffer any significant effect. If a guy grabs my arm while I am carrying the puck out of my zone but I just shake him off, he should still be called for interference. The penalties are written down in black and white. It's not "the referee has the discretion to completely ignore the rules if he wishes."

It's why "evening up" the calls to make sure teams get equal PPs annoys the piss out of me. If one team commits 9 penalties and the other commits three, then that should be the number called. People say "St. Louis was given the game by the refs because they got 5 PPs and Toronto only had 1" even if St. Louis played a very disciplined game and Toronto was playing to see who could hurt a Blues player first.

Ok Eva, you're q smart person. Notice I said chintzy stick penalities. Namely the phantom hooking calls, that's what I meant, I wasn't refering to the slashing penalties.

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Guest Shoreline

Bulls***. They are marketing him because he is Canadian. Datsyuk has 4 straight Lady Bings, 2 straint Selke Trophys and 2 stanley cups. But he's not Canadian. Lidstrom has SIX Norris Trophies, FOUR Stanley Cups an Olympic Gold Medal (he scored the winning goal) and a frickin Conn Smyth. But he's not Canadian. Do I need to continue...

I need to remind Ovechkin, Chara, and other non-Canadians that are constantly marketed that they are, in fact, Canadian after all.

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