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  1. Carman


  2. Carman

    Wings sign Brad Richards 1 yr, $3 million

    Good signing. It's a contingency plan, with the worse case scenario is a 40 point 3rd line center. We weren't going to use up all our cap space, and Brad Richards is a very reliable, experienced center. This is a nice low risk move I like it.
  3. Carman

    Things you would like to see for 2015-16 Season

    We need to grab a top 4 defenseman this off season, Green would be the dream, but Petry, Franson, or Visnovsky could work.(if he'll take a pay cut). Mike Fisher or Joel Ward would be a good grab forward wise, doubt either is leaving their teams though. 2016 seems like a much better year forward wise in free agency. E. Staal, Kopitar, Lucic, O'Reilly, Stamkos, Kesler, Plekanec, Backes, Eriksson, Ladd, Okposo, Voracek, Ruutu, and Hudler sure deals are going to get done for most this guys, but all it takes is one. Trading is where we'll have to make a splash, we have prospect depth, we need scoring consistency. There are too many possibilities to speculate, but I'm ok with parting with some prospects for some top 6 size and scoring, or top 4 defenseman that can move the puck.
  4. Carman

    3/9 GDT : Oilers 2 at Red Wings 5

    What a shot by Kronwall nice. Really needed to get off to a good start this period.
  5. Carman

    Going To My First Wings Game - Suggestions?

    Park at the greektown casino garage and take the people mover. Really this works with any garages near the people mover like the Zlot, compuware, and book cadillac garages. Also look into valeting the car near a restaurant/casino near the people mover to make it easier as well. you can also park at Nemo's, Tommy's, Hard Rock, Old Shillelagh, Cheli's, Hockeytown, and Anchor Bar among many others that will transport you to the game in a shuttle. You could park for free at the MGM garage and use Uber/Cab to the game. Plenty of options.
  6. Like that matters. We are a young team right now. 07-08 We had 2 40+ year olds and 7 other 35+ year olds and won the cup. Right now our team has 5 35+ year olds. With the Cole, Zidlicky addition. What are you going to be negative about next so I can refute that too?
  7. Awesome, Zidlicky has been a very good puck moving defenseman for a long time. He could really shine here, still put up .37 PPG this year on the third worst offense. Should be a big short term upgrade for our defense this year, without losing any defensive talent in the pipeline.
  8. Carman

    Babcock: "HE WINS, FULL STOP" - THN

    Babcock at least has 10 years of prime coaching age left. Although i could see him go 65+ like Bowman did. Right now he does have options, but in my opinion his best option is to stay with the Red Wings. They have already proven to have the talent to compete for a cup, they are young and can be molded by him from the ground up. He's been with everyone of the players on his team for all or most of their career. He knows what the players he has are capable of. Winning a cup is enough of a challenge for any coach in my opinion. He can stay with the Wings for another 5 years and cement his legacy by winning another cup. And after that he can still go to Toronto or anywhere else. He could pick and choose where to go, teams would fire practically any coach for Babcock. So why would he leave a young talent laden team like the Red Wings for another situation that is not going anywhere. That Toronto job isn't going anywhere, it's not a once in a lifetime job, he would be able to make a phone call at any point of his career and get that job. So in my opinion his best option is to stay with the Wings, develop the talent, reach the pinnacle of his profession at least one more time before moving on.
  9. Really like it, our farm system has never looked better. The last few years haven't been ideal, but our playoff streak is still intact and Ken Holland is the reason. There isn't a franchise in the league that never has a few average seasons between great ones. His legacy is going on the line here though, if this team struggles and wastes the last few years of Dats/Zetterberg there aren't going to be fans lining up to reminding us of the 3 Stanley Cups we won with him and having the best team in the league from 1997-2010 which is unfortunate. Time will tell if Ken Holland has a master plan with this franchise, or if he's just meddling his last years in mediocrity hoping his past success will be his legacy. My thoughts are you never know what you have until it's gone, and for me I think that rings true for Holland. Fans in Detroit have incredible expectations, which is understood, but I don't know of many hockey GM's in the history of the league that could satisfy this fan bases appetite of not only winning, but winning Stanley Cups for over 20 years. Notice I said the history of the league, I don't think there is a better option for the team right now other than Holland, he knows the players we have in the system, if our goal is to win it all soon he gives us our best option. If we want to tank, and surely waste the last years of Datsyuk/Zetterberg, and hopefully build up to a playoff franchise in 5 years then we should get a young GM and give him the reigns, I just don't think that's that right plan.
  10. Carman

    Going forward with what we have

    Hmm I was onto something after all. Haha I really think this is a good move, smith has too much natural talent to give up on. I have a good feeling about this forward experiment.
  11. His play back a few years was impacted by his size, which is not a tremendous issue for him anymore. Jarnkrok is a great prospect, there really shouldn't be a need to try and downplay his talent. The whole situation comes down to several reasons that are largely just based on opinions, Bad Trade: 1. You think this season is a loss already, and should have kept future potential. 2. You think Legwand is only going to play 20 games with the Red Wings and the Wings lost Jarnkrok for nothing. 3. You like Legwand, but are sold on Jarnkrok becoming a top line center. Good Trade. 1. You like Legwand, and think the evidence is there that he will resign. 2. Wings filled an immediate need by giving up a player that wouldn't fill that need for years. etc. Personally I think Jarnkrok was a great prospect his play the last few months has been fantastic, he's great with the puck, his defense is very underrated, his skating is good, there isn't a negative about him other than he's not going out and hammering people into the boards, but I also felt the Wings need for a center for the present season, outweighed the risk of hoping the development of Jarnkrok a few years down the road.
  12. Nah, I hope he does well. Even if he becomes an all-star, it would still be a trade that needed to be done at the time. Legwand's importance to the team right now, was more than Jarnkrok's importance to our future, obviously our front office thinks that we have enough young talent(which I think we do, Nyquist/Tatar/Jurco/Sheahan/Pulkinnen/Mantha all look like they will be impact NHLers) that we could let go a promising prospect for a very good player right now. It's quite an achievement to become a point producing/defensive center like Legwand is, even if Jarnkrok becomes one, I'm confident we made the right move because we needed that kind of player now.
  13. Not really aimed at you, but am I the only person that thinks Legwand might be a better option? 4 year difference in age, Kesler will make 5 million the next two seasons, Legwand you have to think won't be paid more than 4.5, and most likely will take a pay cut. Legwand has a career PPG of .59, Kesler has a career PPG of .61 that's with playing in a more offensively talented Vancouver team. Legwand has actually outpaced Kesler so far this year in points. Defensively Kesler is better, they are about equal at the face-off circle. They are about identical when it comes to size, 6'2" 210. But the difference to me comes with how much Kesler would have cost the Wings. I don't know I think Legwand is terribly underrated by a lot of the people here.
  14. Hmm, our chances right now are 52%, win tonight and it would be about 60%. Having Legwand playing the rest of the season drastically improves our chances of making the playoffs. And if we make the playoffs and get healthy we could be a very serious contender. There was no reason to waste this season of having Alfredsson, Datsyuk and Zetterberg, that would be a mistake. Worst case scenario is we miss the playoffs this year, get healthy next year and become a very legitimate threat in the eastern conference with our strong center depth. If our team is healthy we have a very good team. I think there is more to be gained to improve our chances at making the playoffs this year, and most likely the next few years to come during Datsyuk and Zetterberg's prime, than risk losing a prospect that wouldn't have made an impact on the team for at least a couple more seasons. Legwand improves our team now, and will be a better NHL player during Datsyuk/Zetterberg's prime than Jarnkrok. Just in case you are wondering where i got the chances for playoffs
  15. Which he probably is right now. Glendening is playing a 4th line grinder role better than Jarnkrok could. Jarnkrok has very good two way play, and would be a much better point producer, but the jump from the AHL to the NHL for a top 6 forward is a lot larger and harder than for a 4th line penalty killer. I don't want to say Jarnkrok couldn't bang in the corners and kill penalties I actually think his defensive game is very underrated, but that is not where he's going to make his mark in the NHL. While he's playing well in the AHL, I doubt the Red Wings or Nashville will call him up right now, plug him in on the second line, give him 2 minutes of powerplay time and 16 minutes a night especially if they want to make the playoffs. He's not ready yet, another off season of strength conditioning and he might be ready.