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Cuts Continue for Hawks - Fraser Sent to Edmonton

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But Chicago does have other pro sports teams that have been successful. No, wait! Your from Detroit. You wouldn't know. :) Sorry.

He wouldn't but I would.... I actually follow Chicago sports quite closely as they are most of the time in our divisions in all sports. Granted as Broken 16 has stated hockey is all that matters and our last 20 years have been an amazing ride but I digress...

White Sox 2005 (before that 1917)

Chicago Cubs :lol: (1908) yep we all know that one

Chicago Blackhawks obviously this year (before that 1961) had a nice little run of playoffs but nothing to show but a Final in 91-92. Biggest bunch of "when do the playoffs start" caring fans too.

Chicago Bulls..maybe your only trump card but....basketball NEXT!

Chicago Bears 1985. And yes our Lions lose ALOT but we hang in there through and through. I have been in and out of the city of Chicago my whole life and you guys are a great place to visit and Wrigley is a great time but I must tell you this, your fans are just utter horses*** and would never match what Detroit has.

EDIT: Forgot to add a loss to the Colts in the 2006 Super Bowl as well.

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