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  1. Broken 16

    Will Nicklas Lidstrom Retire?

    I think it's more a warning to Kenny that he better make some good signings this offseason.
  2. Broken 16

    SCF: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Of course you would think that. Nice to see Van folding.
  3. Broken 16

    SCF: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Fish in a barrel I say. Congrats. The Nucks have almost dove and slummed their way to a Cup. That team has actually made me prefer watching Office reruns to watching hockey.
  4. Broken 16

    SCF: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Someone get stuck on a ferry again?
  5. Broken 16

    Jonathan Ericsson's Value?

    I agree. I really don't have an issue with E's breakout. It's not stellar and he oftentimes just gets rid of it towards his partner and he is prone to the occasional cough-up. But he's not as bad in that regard as some make out. It's easy to see flaws when you are comparing a guy to Lids and Raffi. E is a decent defender as long as things are calm and calculated. But he is easily confused and I attribute that to his overall lack of experience on defense. It's gonna be quite a few years before there is a defenseman in the league that has less overall experience in his position than E. Aside from another experimental-type player.
  6. Broken 16

    Jonathan Ericsson's Value?

    E has had plenty of time to 'break out'. He's been given every opportunity under the sun to perform. He's just not a very good defenseman. Some defensemen can be big and soft while still being effective. He's not one of those guys. If he isn't using his size, he's basically useless from where I'm sitting. And he rarely uses his size. Ever. Oh... he has a big reach. Big deal, reach is useless when you are confused with your back to the play. I hope they send him along.
  7. Broken 16

    How Much Is Hudler Worth?

    1-2 He just doesn't bring enough of anything else besides offense, and he barely brings any of that. It would be nice if he was worth 3-4 cuz maybe we could get a decent body in a trade. But nobody is gonna want an undersized powerplay specialist that can be easily rattled in the playoffs.
  8. Broken 16

    Kris Draper

    Name ONE THING that Draper has done in the playoffs the past two seasons that makes him "valuable". Besides his faceoff percentage, which is above average at best, and his speed... which has been declining steadily.
  9. Broken 16

    Kris Draper

    Ya, so valuable that he helped the Wings to two consecutive second round exits? Seriously, you guys will all be bitching by December that Draper needs to go. Keep him on as a trainer or something, but he needs to be off the ice and replaced with a younger body imo.
  10. Broken 16

    Kris Draper

    Omg... RETIRE ALREADY! Cripes
  11. Broken 16

    Ken Holland: Open to trade to replace Rafalski

    The Wings have Pavel Datsyuk... free agents should be paying the Wings for an opportunity to play with him.
  12. Broken 16

    Hudler's Future

    In a word. Yes.
  13. Even though both teams are generally useless imo, I feel for the San Jose fans. I actually like some of those people.
  14. I'm sorry. This is just dumb. I know you say these things to troll and then act all innocent and misunderstood after the fact, but there are PLENTY of players in the NHL that are as compelling/marketable as your hero.
  15. Broken 16

    Jaromir Jagr

    Omg... can you imagine? It would be a crossfire of "they are too old" comments across the entire internet for months.