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Lions blacked out

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Lions are blacked out this Sunday, according to freep: http://www.freep.com/article/20101028/SPORTS01/101028041/1318/Lions-will-be-blacked-out-Sunday

Who else thinks its time to end this stupid blackout rule with the NFL. Yes, the Lions are horrible, but I still enjoy watching the game on Sunday. Not everyone has the spare cash to buy expensive NFL tickets, especially in the Detroit area, so we all get punished as a result.

I'm just a casual football fan, I prefer to spend my sports ticket dollars on Red Wings games. So, because I choose to spend my money on something other than football, the NFL gets to slap me on the wrist for not giving the money to them instead?

Ok, done ranting... :ranting:

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well consider that teams have 8 home games a year in which to make money. compare that to MLB (81 home games) and NHL/NBA which gave 41 home games each, the NFL teams need to make money somehow, and if they black out the game in the local area, it will force people to either go to the game, or not watch it at all. This is not me talking, but that is the rationale that the NFL works with to make sure that teams get people to go to the games, and hence spend money. It is a stupid rule, but it may be necessary for teams to get people to the game.

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