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Turd Ferguson


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Thanks to FissionFire from HF

Team leaders through 15 games.....


Ilari Filppula, Jan Mursak - 6

Brendan Smith - 5


Cory Emmerton, Ilari Filppula, - 9

5 players tied with - 7 (of note are Meech, Smith, and Tatar)


Ilari Filppula - 15

Cory Emmerton - 13

Jan Mursak, Brendan Smith - 12


Cory Emmerton - +8

Derek Meech - +7

Nobody else is better than +3


Francis Pare - 51

Jamie Tardif - 41

Jan Mursak - 34


Joey MacDonald 2-1-1 1.72GAA .929SV% 1SHO (4 games)

Thomas McCollum 5-3-2 2.57GAA .896SV% 1SHO (10 games)

Jordan Pearce 1-0-0 2.78GAA .925SV% 0SHO (1 game)


* Cory Emmerton T-14th in power play goals

* Cory Emmerton T-5th in game winning goals

* Cory Emmerton T-15th in plus/minus

* Jan Mursak T-1st in shorthanded goals

* Brendan Smith T-5th in rookie scoring

* Brendan Smith T-5th in defenseman scoring

* Francis Pare T-14th in shots

Prospect Stats

Joakim Andersson 1-0-1 E 14PIM 18shots (14 games)

Willie Coetzee 0-1-1 E 2PIM 7shots (7 games)

Travis Ehrhardt 1-3-4 +3 10PIM 7shots (7 games)

Cory Emmerton 4-9-13 +8 10PIM 22shots (15 games)

Ilari Filppula 6-9-15 +1 8PIM 24shots (15 games)

Sergei Kolosov 0-0-0 -4 17PIM 11shots (14 games)

Brian Lashoff 0-0-0 E 0PIM 5shots (5 games)

Jan Mursak 6-6-12 +2 4PIM 34shots (15 games)

Francis Pare 4-6-10 -1 2PIM 51shots (15 games)

Sebastien Piche 0-1-1 +2 4PIM 0shots (3 games) CURRENTLY IN ECHL

Logan Pyett 3-0-3 -3 6PIM 16shots (10 games)

Brent Raedeke 2-1-3 -1 4PIM 16shots (15 games)

Brendan Smith 5-7-12 -2 21PIM 25shots (15 games)

Other Notable Players

Doug Janik 1-1-2 +2 4PIM 21shots (8 games)

Derek Meech 2-7-9 +7 22PIM 30shots (15 games)

Jordan Owens 1-1-2 -4 26PIM 12shots (15 games)

Jamie Tardif 4-2-6 E 17PIM 41shots (15 games)

ECHL Update

Sebastien Piche 1-4-5 -5 2PIM 29shots (7 games)

Zach Torquato 4-4-8 +4 0PIM 40shots (12 games)

Jordan Pearce 1-2-0 4.38GAA .867SV% 1SHO (3 games) CURRENTLY IN AHL

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A callup seems unlikely at this point since the team is already rotating forwards and winning. It's a shame because I really love iFlip (he played for my local team out here in Finland last year, when they won the championship) but to be honest, NA hockey is so different from European hockey that it's probably better for him to get a good feel for it in the AHL before making the jump. I have to say based on what I've seen from him here I really think he has the skill to make an impact in the NHL, especially in a system like the Wings' where skill-based play isn't just reserved for the top 6.

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