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11/28 GDT: Blue Jackets 2 at Red Wings 4

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Who wouldn't wish that, but they are very different players. The sniping shot is one of the few things Filpp could really improve on.

No kidding; Selanne is basically a Finnish Hudler with rocket skates. Filppula is FAR more comparable to Koivu, a two-way center with a significant tendency towards passing, than to Selanne, a skilled playmaker and scorer with defensive weakness.

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Did Eva just compare a sure fire, first ballot hall of famer to Hudler, not Hudler to the HOFer, but the HOFer to Hudler?


C'mon man! Your man love for Hudler just got silly, just plain silly!

Ha ha ha, that is reeeeeee-DONK-ulous!

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