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Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels

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Since you put that one up I always find myself watching this one

almost makes me miss sammy. that's still an amazing play.

I like ken daniels.

i respect mick for a player, but i cant stand his negativity towards the game and how its played. I get it dudd, its not the 60s or 70s NHL that you know and love. Sticks break, holding and hooking penalties are common, but thats the way it is. All he does is rant on that s***, it gets tiring.

As for murph..... i like the guy, but he always sounds drunk. Kind of funny, kind of annoying.

Now dont get me started on the studio guys Mickey York or Keating.... i CANT STAND they way they talk... its kind offfffffffffff...... like this. and kind...... of like that. f*** dude. Quit the dramatic effects, please.

Trevor Thompson is cool though, i like him. Good voice, speaks clearly, and sounds excited about what hes talking about, along w/ a great personality.

i wouldn't say that's ALL he does, but i do agree that it sometimes gets tiresome because you hear the same complaints over and over again. i guess for an occasional viewer, it's good to have that stuff in a lot of games, but for anyone who watches a lot, you know what he's going to say before he even says it a lot of the time, when it comes to that stuff. i like the rest of his commentary, though.

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