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NHL ASG Entertainment to Suck

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"And just what's wrong with inbred rednecks?".......

You don't need to go to the south to see rednecks. A few years back a load moved up to the Detroit area and the city of Taylortucky was born. Yeehaw.


As for the All Star Game, I've a 'Bob Probert's Greatest Fights' DVD I can watch instead. Now thats entertainment.

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Great, Chad's a Red Wings fan. And when he plays in Ottawa, he's a Sens fan. In Toronto, he's a Leafs fan.

He's also a musician who has made a lot of money off bad music. And I'm not jealous or a "hater". I just want them to break up or retire so I never have to listen to them ever again.

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Can you guys quit s***ting on Raleigh? In case you weren't aware, Raleigh, NC is not out in Hicksville with the people whose family trees don't fork. There's plenty of areas like that all over this state (sadly), but Raleigh's not one of them. There's a TON of transplanted Northerners from the Midwest and Northeast living there and in Cary (think Westchester, NY), so it's actually very, very non-rural/Deliverance. The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area is one of the most educated, affluent parts of the state.

that is ALL true. I think it got a bad image back in 02 when the canes made the playoffs for the first time and all the media called it Mayberry. Which was SO inaccurate that I even got a little mad. if i had my pick to move anywhere else in this state, and the beaches were excluded (lol), id go to raleigh. its an area that has had some GREAT expansion and cool stuff to do.

i will be going to the festivites on friday. im not setting expectations high but i know i will have some fun. play some skills games and see the trophies. hell, maybe get aaron wards auto on some wings stuff i have :ph34r: . there is a free concert that night too.. think its 3 doors down. they dont really do it for me but i may just stick around for it.

honestly, i think the whole thing was rushed when it was put together. news around here was the karmanos was just pestering the nhl and bettman for the ASG so bad that they didnt give any time to think anything through.

ill be at work on sunday so im alright with missing it.

and for the record Raleigh>Charlotte

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This is know; from nhl dot com:

What items are prohibited at RBC Center?

The following items are prohibited at RBC Center: Bottles, Cans, Coolers, Liquid Containers, Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Food, Fireworks, Illegal Substances, Chains, Studded Bracelets & Belts, Weapons of any kind, including firearms, Backpacks, Oversized bags, Laser Pointers, Aerosol Cans, Noise-making devices (i.e. horns, whistles, air horns, cymbals, bugles, etc.), Video & Audio Recording Devices, Camera bags, Cameras, Animals (with the exception of service animals)

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