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2/11 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Bruins 1

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Wings PP.

Houdini gets grazed by a stick and goes "Whoa, that was close!". Avery gets grazed by a stick and goes "OMFGBBQSN1P3R5!1" and drops.

Game delayed while the crews fix a pane of polycarbonate.

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Hockeystreams.com is what I get, and I love it.

Rebounds happen to everyone. You only remember when your goalie makes a save and lets a rebound up, and never the saves they make and no rebound happens. I will say that goalies can play consistently well in net and not let many rebounds up at all. Look at Osgood back when they won the cup in 2008. He was unbelievable. Remember Thomas last year when Rask took over the starter job? He sucked back then.

I would really like to find a site that keeps track of rebounds per game given up by NHL goalies. A very in depth site that shows blown coverages that result in goals, mistakes from goalies that result in goals, etc. Let me know if you find one.

Ya, actually I use hockeystreams as well and enjoy it.

Part of the difficulty in evaluating the position of goaltender, like you pointed out, is that its a position that has a ton of nuances in it that can be difficult to grasp by the naked eye at full speed. A rebound absorbed or deflected to the right location just looks like a "normal" save, but a weaker goalie may give up the rebound or deflect it towards a player. Same with positioning, a snipe shot that goes over the shoulder and looks unsavable, may be saved by a goalie who is playing the angle just slightly better. Very tough position to evaluate.

I try not to be too hard on Howard around here, but its fairly clear to me that he hasn't been playing well at all recently (outside of how good or bad the D is playing) and I'm worried about the playoffs if he doesn't bounce back.

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