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  1. May the 4th be with you!
  2. We went the entire playoffs without having to hear Chelsea Dagger...
  3. Haven't had much hockey after then in the last few years anyway... To me, both Holland and Blashill need to go. Holland is very obviously in over his head in the Salary Cap world, and I'm sincerely hoping he walks after his contract is up next year. Blashill has seen significant player regression in his 2 years here. Obviously, much of that lies on the shoulders of the players themselves, but the coach has to be responsible (read: Held Responsible) for that regression as well. The roster is too talented to be playing as poorly as we are playing. It's too bad Montreal jumped on picking up Claude Julien. Would have liked to see him have a chance with this roster.
  4. 1st round draft pick, 2035. Congratulations!
  5. Solid return for Smith. Holland did well in this situation. Bite your tongue!!
  6. Meanwhile, Kris Letang sends his "I didn't get suspended" regards...
  7. ...just maybe not in the right goal. Things may be bad for us too, but at least they're not THIS bad...
  8. Always awkward when you have to fire a coach that won a Stanley Cup for you, and got you back to the finals 2 years later...
  9. I'm guessing it's a league in Finland, based only on the "Suomen Kuvalehti" in the top right of the picture. Which, according to google/Wikipedia, it's a Finnish news & family magazine. The jersey ads are bad enough. But logos on the defending teams gloves/pads?!
  10. I've seen Bettman quotes on this topic in years past when it's come up, with the asinine line of thinking of "Well, advertisements work so well for NASCAR that they could work well for hockey too..." No sir. They would not. I do not want any team in the NHL's jerseys looking like this garbage...
  11.|785924799 12/15/2017
  12. The Force will be with you, Carrie, always...
  13. Merry (late) Christmas and Happy (late) Holidays to all LGW'ers out there. My favorite Christmas songs (these are pretty much all non-traditional songs. I'm sure you're ALL tired of hearing that crap by now)... All of these are from an Indiana vocal group called Straight No Chaser. The Christmas Can-Can... Text Me Merry Christmas (featuring The Chris Osgood Fan Club Kristen Bell)... Kristen Bell The Nutcracker... The 12 Days of Christmas... (wait for it, it's good!)