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  1. Jedi

    Reddit red wings thread

  2. Hope everything is ok with him and his family, his health, etc. Going to temper my excitement for a while, as this could be one of a number of things. Certainly hope he makes his way "Home" one day, but that's at least a season away, regardless. (Took a hell of a lot of restraint to not do a little happy dance at work when I first saw the news...)
  3. Oh God, I clicked it... Why.... WHY?? Oh well. Might as well get some Star Wars representation in here...
  4. Jedi


  5. Jedi

    Korean Spam

    Great, now all the ads at the bottom of the page are ads for ACTUAL Spam... Ugh. Even when we win, we lose...
  6. Jedi

    Korean Spam

    The truth is out there... Another round of spammers done, at least for the time being. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do to proactively keep spammers like this off the site. But if you report any post like this that you see, it will drastically increase the chances that we can catch them and get rid of them quickly. Permabanning a spammers and removing their entire posting history literally takes about 3 seconds. But unless one of the mods just so happens to be online when a spammers is, well, spamming, then we can't do much. Using the report tool will immediately send an email notification to all moderators, and usually Mabus or I can hop on within minutes to clear it out.
  7. Jedi

    Korean Spam

    KH finally embraced the youth movement, so most of us wound up 'modding in the minors or in Europe... I believe I've found all the spammers, and taken care of the threads/posts. If you guys see any more, don't hesitate to use the "Report" tool!
  8. Jedi

    Update: At Least 14 dead in Humboldt Broncos In Accident (SJHL)

    Friendly reminder that LGW is a politics-free zone! Keep the discussion hockey-focused, please. Plenty of places elsewhere on the internet to discuss any possible political aspects of this tragedy.
  9. Very sad to have heard this news this morning. Strader was easily one of the best in an often unbearable industry. Strader did the play-by-play for the Wings/Hawks Winter Classic in '09. It was originally supposed to be Doc Emrick, but he came down with laryngitis or something like that, and Strader stepped in. Absolutely made my day when I heard Strader's voice instead of Emrick's that day. The hockey world lost a giant today. He will be sorely missed.
  10. Jedi

    Detroit Right Wings

    Just a friendly reminder that politics specifically are not allowed as topics of discussion here on LGW. Granted, that may be a tough line to walk given the nature of this story and the use of the Winged Wheel logo. But please try to remember that this is a Red Wings/Hockey based forum, and not a political one. Discussion of these groups' use of the Red Wings logo is welcomed and encouraged. Discussion of the groups' viewpoints, beliefs, values, presidential choices, etc, are NOT allowed. Posts such as these can and will be deleted swiftly. There are no shortage of political based discussion/message boards on the internet. One of those are better suited to that kind of discussion. Thank you.
  11. Jedi

    Eddie Olczyk

    Olczyk is arguably one of the most biased color commentators I've ever seen in any sport. The fact that NBC sports allows him to work on a national telecast when either the Blackhawks (and to a lesser extent, the Penguins) are playing is a flat out disgrace. That said, I absolutely wish him a full and speedy recovery from this. Hoping he'll be back for me to mute soon!
  12. At least we got the modified NTC for the final year, when we could possibly be sellers for Daley's contract... Not thrilled by this signing, but not disgusted by it either. I'm just concerned about the possible backlog of Jensen/Ouellet/Sproul if our 1-5 is healthy.
  13. Anthony Mantha's new road-trip roommate.
  14. Jedi

    Disney Buys Star Wars, 3 New Films Coming

    May the 4th be with you!
  15. Jedi

    2017 WCQF: Nashville Predators vs. Chicago Blackhawks

    We went the entire playoffs without having to hear Chelsea Dagger...