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Possible Deal With Atlanta?

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I saw that tweet thismorning as well. Im not sure how I feel about it, given Hudlers great play over the last part of the season. If this were pon the table a few months ago I would be in for sure...but now...im not so sure

if this trade were to happen I would definately have to say id rather trade Kindl over Ericsson. Ericsson has been great this year and will only get better.

interesting idea though...

Erickson has been great this year? are you serious ? have you actually watched him in his last 2 years? he was horrible!!! he with rafalski

they both made so many mistakes in the playoffs and are the reason why our team defense was poor in the regular season and playoffs! bogosian would be a steal. anytime detroit drafts high picks they have a 3 to 4 year window before they make the jump to the nhl. kindl could be good and is a project. wings problem is defense and speed. when u have slow skating fowards like hudler,holmstrom to name a few with a weaker defense that is growing older and getting more sloppy. somethings gotta change. bogosian is young has size and is upgrade over erickson. rafalski is past his prime and its apparent his 6 million dollar cap hit is not helping the wings. free up cap address ur needs get younger with speed. id make this deal happen. problem is there are other teams interested in zac. the new york rangers is one team.

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how about the rights to negotiate with ericsson, hudler and kindl for bogo.

at this point in the red wings situation its not about $$$, its about holes.

jagr,tanguay,laich,fleishmann...will fill the hudler void. (upgrade) (1 year con.)

brewer or someone else will fill the salei void. (younger, 2 year con.)

wiz,bieksa...will fill the raffi void. (younger) 4-5year con.

and bogo will fill the ericsson void. (upgrade)4-5 year con.

plus we eliminate 2.5 for huds, and apply it to the new breed.

the wings need to think (and will)about impact/longevity.

next year there is a crop of UFAd-men that will require attention, and lids may be out of the equation.

build now for the future and lids money (6.2mil. plus cap inflation) on next year crop to acquire yandle/suter/burns.

i think it would be the way to go....just get winnipeg to bite on...

imagine wiz, brewer, tanguay, laich, bogozian all in wings gear.

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